Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Neutralino Records at CERN publish Resonance

No, sorry, the LHC hasn't yet announced the discovery of a neutralino, the most likely "lightest supersymmetric particle" (LSP) that could constitute most of the dark matter.

The ATLAS Boogie (blues). The video may appear on the individual page only. Links to extra audio snippets are below.

Instead, the Neutralino Records is the trademark under which music DVDs and CDs recorded by the CERN physicists working for the ATLAS experiment are being released. So far, they have released Resonance, a double CD with 36 tracks in total, and a DVD:

ATLAS Resonance Music (main web page)

CD 1 (country, pop, includes audio snippets)
CD 2 (classical music, includes audio snippets)

DVD (with two trailers, lots of footage from CERN; the ATLAS Boogie is blues music about the Higgs etc. at ATLAS embedded above)

Buy it from December 6th (on iTunes and elsewhere)

Fundraising (happy kids)
contact (with a trailer with interviews)
When we talk about the symbols of the ATLAS' search for supersymmetry, here is George Redlinger:

He is a co-coordinator of the ATLAS supersymmetry group. Yes, his plate says "SUSY DM" - or "supersymmetric dark matter". ;-) See the Symmetry Magazine (copied from Brookhaven Today).

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