Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Klaus: reason has replaced fundamentalism in the environment ministry

The Czech Press Agency, ČTK, informed about the visit of President Klaus to the environment ministry - the first such visit of our most prominent politician in 14 years:
The Environment Ministry no more fundamentalist under Drobil - Klaus (click)
Klaus have had conflicts with former environment ministers, especially Martin Bursík (2007-2009) of the largely defunct Green Party - which was a typical fundamentalist environmentalist party although it was much less "socialist" than its namesakes.

It's the first time in many years when a standard right-wing politician became the minister of environment after the latest elections that were won by the right-wing parties - although only after they combined their forces.

Under Mr Pavel Drobil's leadership, the Czech Republic will officially refuse to unilaterally impose carbon caps in Mexico (the conference that comes one year after Copenhagen). On the contrary, our country will demand an analysis of the impacts of the fight against climate change on the economy. It will be seen whether our demands will be visible at all.

"Let's not fight against windmills, let's not fight against nature, let's not fight against climate," Klaus said.

That's a poetic statement by our leader. However, it's a little bit ambiguous issue which windmills we should or we should not fight against. If we mean the nice windmills that were fought against by Mr Don Quixote, we shouldn't fight against them because they are producers of food rather than the ferocious giants that Mr Don Quixote considered them to be. However, the new windmills don't produce food but rather consume subsidies for overpriced electricity, and I think that we should fight against them as long as they generate losses. ;-)

Klaus has received an atlas - and he presented himself as a friend of atlases - even though minister Mr Drobil said that he wouldn't have wasted the money to create the atlas (as his predecessor did).

Gore's car coming to the U.S. market

Meanwhile, Al Gore's new zero-carbon car is coming to the U.S. market. His own invention, brought to motion by the most natural gases and produced in collaboration with Tata, will compete with Toyota Prius and others. In the U.K., the Goremobile will fight against the Czech mean green Škoda Fabia VRS that used to be produced as a cake but now it's being created by the Devil and his friends:

Mr Gore has measured his own carbon budget and argued that each driver is an extre-hehe-mely powerful source of the most natural gases - several million liters per day.

Via Willie Soon

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