Monday, November 15, 2010

Mathematica 8 is out

Stephen Wolfram just announced that Mathematica 8 is out! See
What's new in Mathematica 8

Mathematica 8 home page; Wolfram web page

Mathematica 8 coming soon (which informed us about new features some time ago)

In the video above, Stephen Wolfram shows the new features. (See also the first part where Wolfram mostly speaks about the successes.)

The new version can do the following things:
  • tell you what's the expectation value of "f(x)" or the probability that "x" satisfies something if "x" is distributed as a distribution (normal one or lots of others): see the beginning of the video above
  • new data visualizations
  • built-in functions for traders and financiers
  • image analysis tools, including feature detection
  • using images as textures on 3D graphs
  • use the GPU to speed things up
  • generate high-performance C code
  • free-form linguistic input
And these were just major examples.

You can also buy the software now. The Home Edition (click) only costs GBP 195 or USD 295 plus VAT tax if applicable!

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