Monday, November 29, 2010

Susskind on supersymmetry, grand unification, and string theory

If you have one thousand spare minutes and an iDevice, you may open iTunes (not App Store!) in your iDevice and search for
Supersymmetry, Grand Unification, and String Theory,
a sequence of ten 100-minute lectures (for free) delivered by Leonard Susskind to the Stanford Continuing Studies Program. They uploaded it to iTunes in July 2010.

Each lecture is about 300 megabytes in size. It may take ten minutes to be downloaded. If you carefully listen to those one thousand minutes of talk, you may be as informed about advanced high-energy physics as an average Californian janitor who continues to educate herself.


  1. So you recommend the lectures?

  2. Hi, I have only watched a part of lecture 1 - which is just some very general preparation - so I don't have a too justified opinion. But as far as I know, in this free video format and among the same lectures on the same topic, Lenny may be free of competition.