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U.S. elections: jogging towards socialism slowed down

The results of the U.S. elections are essentially known.

The Republicans grabbed 30 governors out of 50 which is 60 percent; Democrats only have 19 and 1 is independent.

The Senate was kept by the Democrats but the edge is only 52 (DEM) vs 48 (GOP), plus minus one.

The House which has had a Democratic majority so far was conquered by the GOP.

Out of the 435 members, the Republicans will control approximately 240 seats. The map looks "almost completely red" because the Democratic strongholds are densely populated areas. The new likely speaker, John Boehner (GOP), is an AGW skeptic which could change the atmosphere in the Congress (thanks to Peter P. for an important fix!).

In California, the proposition 23 has probably failed, scoring only 42% after 30% of the precincts are counted.

It means that their state-wide AB32 bill will continue to regulate carbon dioxide. Most of the Californians have chosen the feel-good political correctness and anti-industrial utopias over proper science and healthier economy.

The voters were also bought by a much higher amount of money that the champions of CO2 regulation spent on the campaign. Much of the money they spent on promoting the pro-AB32 rubbish was already stolen from the taxpayers and companies via the AB32 bill itself. California may have gotten into a vicious circle in which the AGW liars and crooks will be ever richer and they will therefore be ever more capable to corrupt and fool others and further increase their influence.

Meanwhile, Capitalist Imperialist Pig's fellow environmentalist Fat Cats in New Mexico have adopted an even crazier bill to regulate the greenhouse gases - that is identified as the most aggressive one in the U.S.

Let's Celebrate - by Mr Martin Chodúr, the first federal Czechoslovak Superstar

Christine O'Donnell lost and so did Carly Fiorina: Barbara Boxer worked so hard to get the f-ing title so that the Californians will have to call her Senator for some extra years - but most of them don't mind. ;-)

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