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EU LGBT bureaucrats attack Czech arousal test

(Czech band) Nightwork: Global warming - I am gay. The song was marketed as a gay anthem and the band as well as the singer, Vojta Dyk, scored high in the most recent Czech Nightingale national music contest.

Homosexual activists officially paid by the European Union have attacked a sensible test that has been introduced in my homeland:

Czech Republic Denounced For Using Arousal Test on Asylum Seekers

Czech Dick Test

Czechs using sex arousal test on asylum seekers
Czechia has become a destination of various asylum seekers. And because of the inherent tolerance of the Czechs towards various non-standard types of sexual orientation, the list of asylum seekers includes many gays who claim to be harassed by homophobes in their previous countries.

Clearly, we cannot afford to admit an unlimited amount of immigrants who could use any excuse to get here. There have to be some tests that remove at least most of the "false positives". In the case of gays, the relevant procedure is known as "phallometric testing" and was introduced by Kurt Freund, German-speaking Jewish Czech-Canadian physician, in the 1950s to fight "fake gays" who didn't want to serve in the Czechoslovak army (gays were banned).

Of course, you're not required to "stand up" while watching a homosexual porn movie: that could be discriminating against impotent gays or anyone who just doesn't find the immigration office environment "exciting". On the contrary, you're required "not to stand up" if you watch straight porn. ;-) If you claim that you're a gay but you "stand up" while watching a straight porn, your gay asylum application is pretty much doomed. It makes a lot of sense.

A hysterical report by the EU's own official gays has complained about the policy - Czechia is the only country clever enough to explicitly introduce it. They claim that the test is "scientifically unsound".

That's a bold statement, indeed. The homosexual orientation may be defined as someone's not getting aroused by the "straight stimuli" so the test, if performed accurately, is not only scientifically sound - it is scientifically valid pretty much by definition. OK, what is the "scientifically sound" test that the EU homosexual activists recommend instead of the phallometric testing?

A UNHCR booklet states that "self-identification as LGBT should be taken as an indication of the individual’s sexual orientation." Now, this is scientifically sound! ;-)

If you want to measure whether someone is a gay or not, you listen to what he tells you. Holy crap. It's like choosing a president or a world champion according to what he tells you about his or her qualities. At least 50% of the things that people say is untrue, and when the untrue propositions are needed to get advantages from a government, the percentage grows closer to 96%.

It's another example how various bureaucrats don't hesitate to denounce an almost perfectly scientific, yet ideologically inconvenient, test as "scientifically unsound" and replace it with a completely unscientific procedure that they don't want to be criticized.

The Czech Republic is responsible enough not to admit thousands of f*ke f*cking f*ggots and if the EU hacks can't understand that it is right to be cautious in this way, well, then they should scr*w themselves. ;-)

P.S. In the original Czech version of the song embedded at the top, gays - the "warm ones" in the Czech language - are being linked to global warming. Everything is getting warmer, they sing. There also exists a German and French version of the song. All of them are on YouTube.

If you want a song about McDonald's in the Muslim world, "Love in a Braided Roll", by Xindl X and Ms Olga Lounová, you will also learn that the supply determines the demand and other things. The Arab guy fell in love with a McDonald's worker haha - funny video clip.

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