Friday, December 17, 2010

Mobile version of The Reference Frame

The mobile version of TRF at has become largely obsolete today.

In fact, at some moment in the past, a program told me that was insecure so I removed the redirecting scripts from the TRF template (although it may have been a false alarm).

Google now offers a simplified and much faster mobile version of all the blogs. They look like this: (click)
Note that the "m=1" parameter is added automatically if you use a mobile device but you may also add it by hand. (In URLs that already contain a question mark, "?m=1" should be replaced by "&m=1".) If you change the URL to "m=0", you will restore the large version of the blog that is used for immobile devices.

If you happen to see the minimalistic mobile version and you want to return to the big version - for example, because the minimal mobile version doesn't contain links to the fast comments - you may also click at "View web version" at the bottom of the page, right above the "Who is Lumo" section.

The mobile blog looks tidy on iOS and HTC devices, among others.

This is how bloggers learned about the new feature today.

If you use an iDevice, I recommend you to bookmark TRF and place an icon somewhere at your desktop. To do so, open iOS Safari, go to the main page of this blog, double-click and zoom in on a part of the screen that you would like to use as an icon, and click "+" at the bottom, and add the bookmark on the iOS desktop.

If you're a mobile visitor - about 3% of them people use some mobile devices at this moment (the percentage may be expected to rise in the future) - you may also share your experience and good ideas about ways to improve the experience.

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