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New director of the American Geophysical Union: Chris Mooney

Willie Soon has sent me an incredible link that raised up my adrenaline level by several orders of magnitude; it has just blown me away:

AGU board of directors
Chris Mooney, a holder of an English degree, is one of the AGU directors. No kidding. Click at the page above.

He was clearly elected not just despite the fact that he is just an obnoxious verbal terrorist attacking most of the American nation for purely ideological reasons most of the time: they elected him because of that. His outrageous texts politicizing science such as The Republican War on Science didn't hurt him: they actually helped him.

How could the unlimited corruption of the AGU become more manifest than if a director is a person who has demonstrably no knowledge about the scientific discipline, or any scientific discipline, for that matter, and who doesn't even hold a minimal scientific degree?

I am flabbergasted that I could have lived in a near vicinity of the breathtakingly immoral people who make such brutally outrageous things possible because these things clearly help those people materially, too. Their decision was a deliberate act to spit into the faces of all the remaining genuine scientists who are still AGU members and who refuse to become paid whores of extreme political movements - if there are any.

The message to the real scientists simply is: behave. Note that even a totally stupid and obnoxious jerk identifying science with the left-wing delusions may become your boss - making 50 years of your education and research secondary - as long as he has the right political colors. This guy will be telling you what you should say and what you shouldn't say.

They have clearly declared a War on the Republican Scientists. Moreover, Mooney is not just uneducated and ideologically blinded. He is also self-evidently corrupt. He, a fanatical atheist, changed his tone towards religion once he received some funds from the Templeton Foundation.

Let me be honest: I despise you, folks, and your conference in San Francisco deserves a huge targeted earthquake that will end most of your lives because you are just contaminating the intellectual and moral landscape of our planet and limiting the freedom and dignity of the people who actually want and deserve both.

For 15 years, I have lived in a late communist regime and the communists were doing many bad things but I honestly don't remember this kind of a flagrant raping of a top scientific institution by their political party or any political movement. The communists allowed the scientific institutions to do their scientific job. Communists were clearly overrepresented among the bosses of such institutions but all of them were actually scientists.

The modern American leftists are more brutally arrogant than any European communist party of the 1980s.

And that's the memo.

P.S. After having looked at a few other pages, most people - even on the left side - realize that this is just profoundly wrong. That includes most readers of Bad Astronomy (Phil Plait).

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