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Peter Sissons on AGW censorship in BBC: When one door closes

Peter Sissons, a long-time as well as recent BBC anchor, just published his memoirs that present some details about the left-wing institutional bias in the BBC News and the political correctness that culminated with the global warming religion:

The BBC became a propaganda machine for climate change zealots, says Peter Sissons... and I was treated as a lunatic for daring to dissent (excerpt in Daily Mail)
When he dared to disagree with the AGW cult worshiped by his colleagues, he was treated as a psychopath. Click the image on the left to buy the book.

LHC will run at 2x 3.5 TeV in 2011, 2012

Today, the CERN folks have officially announced the verdict decided by their recent proceedings in Chamonix (picture above):

CERN announces LHC to run in 2012 (press release)
The beam energy won't be raised from 3.5 TeV to 4 TeV as previously speculated. Also, the LHC won't be stopped at the end of 2011. Instead, it will continue to run in 2012, too.

Climate change is testing Hosni Mubarak

Self-described physicist Joe Romm has discovered that climate change has overthrown Ben Ali in Tunisia and has brought demonstrations to Egypt, too.

The insanity of Romm and his likes becomes particularly flagrant if you realize that the food prices recently grew also (if not mostly) because of the world governments' misguided support for biofuels which was justified almost entirely by the global warming fear-mongering.

The Bangles - Walk Like An Egyptian: it was the main song used in our Rock'n'Roll training sessions I attended around 1988 (yes, during communism!): of course, my skills were incredibly hopeless. But I had never realized that the 1986 song was so relatively fresh at that time.

In the past days, the Western media have presented the demonstrators as saints but they didn't offer us any particular reason to think that their goals are noble and they should be supported in their battle against Hosni Mobarak.

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PI: Nima Arkani-Hamed on twistor uprising

Mikael has pointed out a video of a fresh 100-minute talk (100 minutes is equal to one decimal Nima hour) that Nima Arkani-Hamed gave at the Perimeter Institute three days ago. Before I began to watch, I wasn't sure whether I would finish.

Well, I became much more certain about the answer during the talk. ;-)

Russian men will be nuked to Mars in 2037

While the U.S. Constellation Program (CxP) has been abandoned and NASA's manned flights to Mars became very unlikely, the first cosmic nation of Russia is returning to its previous positions:

Russia plans to build carrier rocket for Mars missions (RIA News)
In 2013, Russia will begin tests of Angara rockets which will be later modified to Amur and Yenisei rockets. In 2037, Russia will be formally unified with the Moon and Mars to the Unified Federation of Russia, Moon, and Mars, and it will send its first moloděts into the decoupled components of the new country.

Angara rockets may lift between 2 and 40.5 tons. You see that the size is OK for a single man so the rocket was also used as a part of Osama's friend's "instant atomic bomb" at 2:13 of a famous song by our ex-minister of defense

All the energy for the superheavy rockets will be obtained from nuclear fission. The pre-project version of the motor is already getting ready.

Hardy's paradox kills all "realistic" models of quantum phenomena

There exists a widespread misconception among the readers of popular physics books - and sometimes even unpopular physics books - that Bell's inequalities have only falsified "local realist" models of quantum phenomena but some "nonlocal realist" models could still be true and replace the probabilistic quantum mechanics.

The nice picture is taken from an article hyping "time-like entanglement" which is nothing else than the ordinary entanglement without the apparent "spooky action at a distance"

I just encountered one or two fanatical anti-quantum bigots at the Physics Stack Exchange. (One of them is a freshly graduated student from the hockey stick's and LQG's PSU.) My God, those people are so annoyingly stupid and obnoxious. I can't stand them. And they're such cowards. They would only attack my answer even though Peter Shor writes the very same thing about QM as your humble correspondent.

There exist several "toy models" or "thought experiments" that have been designed to check the difference between the classical reasoning and the quantum reasoning. Bell's inequalities showed that the correlation measured in a system with two spinning particles has to belong to a certain interval according to all local realistic theories. Quantum mechanics predicts correlations that are often outside this interval - and these correlations may be verified experimentally. It follows that the local realistic theories are falsified.

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Geometry for every solution of Navier-Stokes

Two weeks ago, I forgot to mention an exciting preprint,

From Navier-Stokes To Einstein
by Irene Bredberg, Cynthia Keeler, Vyacheslav Lysov, and - last but not least - Andrew Strominger. For every solution of the incompressible Navier-Stokes equations of hydrodynamics in "d" dimensions, they construct a canonical geometry that solves Einstein's equations in "d+2" equations. This geometry may be understood as a nonsingular perturbation of an event horizon.

This map is a rigorous doubly classical realization of a relationship between hydrodynamics and gravity that people have dreamed about for a long time.

Czech climate change boss: it's nonsense to dramatically reduce emissions

Long-time Czech IPCC boss: adaptation to 11 °F of warming wouldn't be a problem

Dr Jan Pretel is the director of the Climate Change Department of the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute. For years, until August 2009, he was the top Czech representative in the IPCC; he is as mainstream as you can get (at least in Czechia).

In the newest interview for Ekolist.CZ ("Ecopaper"), he explains that climate mitigation plans are nonsensical:

Climatologist Jan Pretel: It's nonsense to drastically reduce emissions (automatic translation from Czech)
First, he is asked what he imagines under the term "climate change". He says that it's a fallacy to attribute e.g. traffic accidents to the climate change - the weather is the culprit - and it's nonsense to talk about catastrophes e.g. in the Czech context where they can't occur. The tropical zone requires a closer scrutiny.

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Ban Ki-moon gives up fight against climate change

In November 2009, the ClimateGate erupted and many of us were convinced that the establishment of climate fear would quickly collapse. I was imagining that it would be as fast as the Velvet Revolution that began exactly 20 years earlier.

So many climate skeptics were disillusioned by the speed. Now, 14 months later, things are beginning to move at the top places. Barack Obama hasn't mentioned any climate, warming, disruption, carbon, or fossil fuels in his key annual talk - even though he was talking for a whole hour. The Guardian just brought us another dose of good news:

Ban Ki-moon ends hands-on involvement in climate change talks
The boss of the United Nations will stop his personal involvement in the battle to regulate the world climate. Instead, he will try to achieve "immediate gains" in the field of clean energy and sustainable development. Even his U.N. colleagues have apparently understood that there can't be any "deal".

Fermilab: Higgs near 140 GeV favored in lνqq decays

In a few hours, the D0 Group at the Fermilab will release another interesting arXiv preprint on the Higgs boson,

Search for the standard model Higgs boson in the H ⇒ lνqq decay channel (full paper, WWW)
The Higgs decays to a WW pair, one W decays to two quarks, the other decays to a charged lepton and its neutrino partner.

The Higgs is not found but the graph above is pretty interesting.

Yellowstone supervolcano and Michio Kaku

Rebecca Hillman of CNN (blogs) decided to interview an expert about the Yellowstone caldera.

As you can see, she picked her universal science expert, namely Dr Michio Kaku, a co-father of string field theory. :-)

I think he is very entertaining. Even if his science has flaws, which is likely, he could be hired for similar jobs but there should be some real experts who pre-check what he is going to say. Nevertheless, his comments overlap with science, at least at some popular level, but volcanologist Erik Klemetti was driven up the wall.

CzechGlobe began their AGW criminal activity

Just two months ago, I warned that the EU econazis were buying 150 Czech crackpots and traitors for 25 million euros. The goal of the hired guns would be to spread fear and misinformation about the climate.

Huge EU funds plan to corrupt Czech science and fabricate Czech alarmists
As Viernes Luz and Juraj Vanovcan have pointed out to me, the group already started to do harm.
Europe Begins to Run Short of Water
Sure, Europe suddenly runs short of water. Holy cow. The group of people was simply bought to publish junk of this kind. In particular, Mr Michael Marek is no "top climate expert". He's a 100% corrupt average scientist who doesn't have a single well-known publication and who was more than eager to accept the pay from foreign powers to produce lies designed to hurt the Czech economy.

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What experiment would disprove string theory?

You may disprove string theory by many observations that will almost certain not occur, for example:

  1. By detecting Lorentz violation at high energies: string theory predicts that the Lorentz symmetry is exact at any energy scale; recent experiments by the Fermi satellite and others have showed that the Lorentz symmetry works even at the Planck scale with an error margin much smaller than O(100%) and the accuracy may improve in the near future

Hawaii governor: no Obama long-form birth certificate exists

World Net Daily and Yahoo Associated Content report that a former 2008 Hawaii election clerk, Tim Adams, has sworn that his supervisors told him that no long-form, hospital-generated birth certificate exists in Hawaii.

He's not the only one. According to Examiner, Newser, The Daily Caller, and Fox News blogs, celebrity journalist Mike Evans, apparently a friend of Hawaii governor Neil Abercrombie, shared a story with a radio station. He told them that the governor has privately told him that no certificate exists - there is no proof in Hawaii that Barack Obama was born there.

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BBC Horizon: President of Royal Society defends AGW ideology

Phil Gibbs has told me about a new BBC Horizon program and also warned me that it's a cup of strong coffee.

BBC Horizon: Science Under Attack, one hour in six parts

Mr Paul Nurse - sorry, we abolished monarchy in 1918 so let me kindly avoid all the aristocratic rubbish in the titles - received the 2001 Nobel prize in medicine (for cell cycle) and became the President of the Royal Society. In the video above, he shows that he is an excellent speaker.

Sen takes Hartle and Hawking to anti de Sitter's 2 apartment

Yes, it was my camera and my office behind Ashoke, LMToday, I read and I recommend you the following paper by Ashoke Sen:

State Operator Correspondence and Entanglement in AdS2/CFT1
In a saddle-like curved Flatland, the so-called AdS2 space, many concepts of theoretical physics simplify: the state-operator correspondence, entanglement between two regions, the Hartle-Hawking wave function, and others. This makes the AdS2 arena an excellent toy model to settle many questions about the structure of Hilbert spaces and operators; black hole entropy and initial conditions of the Universe; the information loss paradox.

Guardian: Time to ban carbon trading

The Guardian, a British left-wing daily, has published a remarkable attack on the very concept of carbon trading:

The carbon market – gone in a puff of smoke?
Sabina Manea recalls my favorite analogy with the medieval indulgences and says that no real assets are backing the documents. The indulgences may disappear into thin air.

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Climate litigation: hundreds of billions of dollars

The AFP is writing about the emerging field of climate lawsuits:

Climate change: Dogs of law are off the leash
While no court has awarded anyone a single cent for climate-related damages yet, some people are getting ready for the possible explosion of such lawsuits in the future. At hundreds of billions of dollars, the damages could humiliate all the cancer-related tobacco and asbestos lawsuits. So it makes sense for many people to dream about these "opportunities" and to get ready.

CDF sees another top-quark-related anomaly

Three weeks ago, we discussed a top-antitop asymmetry that was observed by the CDF. The signal was 3.4 sigma.

One of the possible striking explanations is a new heavy gluon that interferes with the massless one - a particle that could be the ordinary gluon moving in the extra Randall-Sundrum directions of space if that model were relevant for the LHC.

Amusingly enough, as Jester at Résonaances has pointed out, the CDF is seeing another 3.4-sigma anomaly that is also related to the top quarks and that is also consistent with a heavy gluon explanation. ;-)

Answers to some 200+ physics questions

In the past days, I had to do various things. One of them was an emergency fix in my bathroom.

Imagine a disgusting concrete block that was built right after the Soviet occupation sometimes in the late 1960s or early 1970s but whose exterior was recently renovated. Many details in the building and in my apartment - including the main door to the building, the elevator, and the kitchen unit - are closer to a 21st century capitalist economy than the 20th century communist mess in which the building was created.

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Gordon Kane, string theory, and the real world

A reader has pointed out that Gordon Kane's nice November 2010 article in Physics Today,

String theory and the real world (PDF, JPG)
has been made publicly accessible. The author focuses on tests - and testability - of string theory. At the qualitative level, it works just like for Newton's laws, Kane clarifies some common misconceptions among the laymen and presents some very interesting models, especially those that he understands well, and their predictions for particle physics and cosmological observations.

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Noam Chomsky: GOP victory will exterminate mankind via AGW

I've spent six years in Cambridge and I've known many people who would enthusiastically attend talks by Noam Chomsky at MIT. Many of them were very smart people but something in their brains had to be simply defective.

Most of these things look unreal to me today. The creators of the video above have collected a group of hysterically whining left-wing whacko sourball academics who complain about peak oil, climate change, and the recent GOP victory in the United States.

BBC Horizon: What is reality?

Last week, the BBC TV aired another one-hour program from its Horizon collection, What is reality?. It's a brand new show - one that already carries the year 2011. Here it is:

You will meet people such as Lenny Susskind, Seth Lloyd, Frank Wilczek, Anton Zeilinger, Max Tegmark, and others. Frank Wilczek plays with fruits on his cottage while the Tevatron is celebrated for its discovery of the top quark.

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Intel Sandy Bridge is here

In recent years, I was disappointed by the rate at which the speed of microprocessors was increasing. While Moore's law describing the total number of transistors worked very well - the number of transistors in a computer is doubling every two years - and the memory (and flash disk) capacity was increasingly nicely as well, the frequencies of the microprocessors in computers you could buy were not changing much. Of course, I realize that there was a transition to multi-core processors, but anyway, it looked slow.

Finally, Intel began to sell its Sandy Bridge processors and they became a part of many computers that are sold across the world, including my homeland. They use the 32 nanometer architecture: finally some progress.

In 1971, computers would be built on a 10-micron architecture. Every five years or so, the distance scale dropped by a factor of two or so. When I was leaving America in 2007, they would be getting ready for the 45 nanometer architecture which was launched in 2008. Finally, we have another step.

The computers with the 32-nm chips consume less power - 17-55 W for laptops and 35-95 W for desktops. And of course, the speed may get a bit better, too. The jump to 22, 16, and 11 nanometers is planned for this year, 2013, and 2015, respectively. There could be a few more steps after that but it is not guaranteed: they are getting damn close to the size of the atom.

Sino-American renewable energy trade war

Benny Peiser has sent us - subscribers of his GWPF mailing list - some articles about a newly emerging trade war between China and America. This civil war inside the de facto Sino-American currency union is kind of incredible.

Let us start in the "good old days" before the trade war. As The New York Times recall, Evergreen Solar emerged in the last three years as one of the top 3 U.S. producers of solar panels. It was a source of pride for Deval Patrick and other socialist politicians of Massachusetts.

They have paid something between $43 and $58 million (it was a typo, thanks!) in subsidies - cash that was stolen from the sensible Massachusetts taxpayers and/or wittingly donated by the brainwashed ones. The idea has always been that it's great to waste money for this stuff because it will be making a better world in the distant future.

In reality, of course, such companies and projects belong among the most ephemeral and kitshy activities that people are doing these days. Within three years, the company decided to move its production to China whose socialist government can waste even more money - much more easily stolen from the Chinese workers - than the U.S. government. Moreover, the standard advantages of cheaper labor add to the reasons.

AGW vs phishers: a thief robbed another thief

Richard Black of BBC brought us an amusing report about one group of scammers that decided to rob another group of scammers.

Some climate "scientists" have already been robbed by their colleagues who are smaller fish, however: the phishers.

Click the picture for a website of the fake conference; it looks indistinguishable from other climate conferences whose organizers consider themselves serious people

The February 2011 conference will take place in a fancy hotel in the middle of a pond close to Buckingham Palace in London. You have to pay the reservation fees in advance. It is up to the fish living in the pond whether they will return you the fee.

The phishers have even chosen a lead scientist who should attract the climate scientists to the conference. An Indian wannabe porn writer and a failed railway engineer is acting as a climate scientist. The fake climate organization is called the IPCC. Or are they the victims? When thieves begin to steal money from other thieves' credit cards, things may become a bit confusing.

Prague: Mossad-Hamas summit?

The Czech media have mentioned that according to PalPress of Palestine - which is controlled by Fatah - the boss of Hamas and his pals have visited the Czech capital to meet the local representative of Mossad, the Israeli intelligence service, who organized the hypothesized summit.

You can't be sure whether it's true or not. It could have been invented by Fatah, to discredit Hamas among the Palestinian Israel-haters (which is almost all of Palestinians). The Czech intelligence services (BIS) remain silent and they're really professional about it so you may be sure that the silence doesn't imply either answer.

If that's true, well, Prague is an ideal place for such summits. The Jewish culture is one of the three major cultures that have shaped the city. There have been 21 synagogues in Prague and 13 of them still exist. And everyone knows Franz Kafka. Czechs had to witness the atrocious German acts during the holocaust - some Czechs co-operated, others resisted, but it was surely not a Czech idea. It was not the only reason why after the war, Czechoslovakia would become a top ally of Israel during its war of existence in the late 1940s, sending huge amounts of weapons to the Middle East. Realizing our somewhat similar fates and sentiments, the unusually good relationships survived even during the communist regime. Czechia remains a top friend of Israel in the world.

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Brian Greene: The Hidden Reality

Next week, Brian Greene will release his third popular book.

The Hidden Reality: Parallel Universes and the Deep Laws of the Cosmos
will join The Elegant Universe and The Fabric of the Cosmos, two bestsellers that have explained string theory, the nature of space and time, and modern physics in general to millions of readers.

The third book will be dedicated to cosmology - especially to the multiverse and eternal inflation. While many ideas attached to this topic are demonstrably wrong while others are arbitrary i.e. probably wrong and the anthropic people are spreading lots of defeatist emotions, I am confident that the new book will be very good and will present a convincing picture.

Japan plans to resurrect mammoths by 2016

Many sources informed us about some exciting news: Japan has officially started a project whose goal is to revive the mammoths within five years.

Some DNA extracted from dead bodies in Russia will be used to modify an elephant egg and a female elephant should become a stepmother.

Serpentarius rediscovered by American astronomer

Funnily enough, hundreds of media outlets report that a Minnesotan astronomer named Parke Kunkle has noticed something that every person with a basic knowledge of constellations has known for centuries: the Sun's path in the heaven is crossing 13 and not 12 constellations.

Maybe, Kunkle says, the astrologers will fix their maps and add the missing zodiac sign in 2011. ;-)

Well, I surely don't expect this to occur because all of astrology is based on being in a striking contradiction with any science, so I suspect that they won't fix their dates and the list of constellations - or "zodiac signs" - as a matter of principle. The key Czech astrologers have already boasted that they have never heard about the 13th constellation and so did most of the blogosphere. :-)

Johannes Kepler's drawing of Serpentarius: he was a skillful artist, wasn't he?

It just happens that your humble correspondent was born in the forgotten 13th constellation of Serpentarius (Snake Holder), which has also been called Ophiuchus in recent years, and I wrote about this topic four years ago:

Zodiac sign: Serpentarius (click)
Journalists eager to write stunning stories may check the most stupid articles that TRF was offering about 4 or 6 years ago to find their future gems. ;-)

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Can the laymen learn advanced physics?

I have actually downloaded 10 and watched 6 iTunes Stanford lectures by

Lenny Susskind on supersymmetry, grand unification, and string theory
After having listened to a big part of the first six lectures - which have been about supersymmetry so far - I can wholeheartedly recommend you to download them if you have an iPhone or iPad or iPod Touch. They seem excellent and relaxed at the same moment.

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Physics Stack Exchange

The server

Physics.StackExchange.COM (click)
allows you to ask questions about physics - and someone will answer them. Or you may answer questions asked by others. In recent days, I spent many hours with this server by the latter activity.

Physics profile for Luboš Motl at Physics, Q&A for active researchers, academics and students of physics

A similar server exists for maths, too. And probably other disciplines you may mention in the comments.

Via Cosmic Variance

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Kevin Trenberth's weird opinions about the climate

Anthony Watts' blog reprints the full text of Kevin Trenberth's preprint (PDF, JPG) that will be published by the American Meteorological Society (AMS). The first thing I have to say is simply:


The scientific portion of the letter is superficial and plagued by elementary logical fallacies, as we will analyze in some detail. But when it comes to the political substance of the preprint, it is powerful, indeed. Trenberth spends much of the time by explaining conspiracy theories about the deniers' influence on the media; he uses the term "denier" six times in the preprint.

I can't believe he really believes those conspiracy theories given the fact that the percentage of skeptics among the journalists is significantly lower than the percentage of skeptics in the AMS where he wants his very preprint to be published.

HIV discoverer: DNA can quantum teleport itself

The "HIV deniers" - who don't believe that there is a link between AIDS and the HIV virus - belong among the wacky groups in science.

However, it is not hard to acquire some doubts who is more crazy if you look at the latest preprint co-authored by Luc Montagnier, a co-winner of the 2008 Nobel medicine prize. His group had co-discovered the HIV virus - independently of Robert Gallo's group.

The preprint by (the other) L.M. and five co-authors is called

DNA waves and water
The abstract looks pretty innocent: DNA molecules send some low-frequency electromagnetic waves through water. Very strange but strange things can sometimes take place. In the paper itself, it's argued that these waves could help to cure AIDS. It's a comparably bolder statement but there's nothing wrong about statements just because they are bold.

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Hansen: Chinese communists have to lead and save humanity, beat the U.S.

James Hansen's personal website is among the web pages that I visit approximately once a month. But I managed to completely miss his remarkable op-ed in some Chinese newspapers.

Marc Morano and the Haunting the Library blog has brought my attention to this November 2010 op-ed. Here it is:

Click the image above to zoom it in or see the PDF file.

Wolfram Alpha: apps for algebra, calculus, music

If you're a student who needs to improve your grades and you may afford to spend $1.99 or $2.99, you may like three apps for iPhone/iPod Touch that Wolfram Alpha released today:

Click the little screenshots to get to the iTunes homepages of the applications.

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Global warming panic explained

One of those computer-narrated, animated dialogues. But this one is really funny and realistic:

My favorite line was "That was in the old times. Now progress is achieved by scientists falling in line and keeping their doubts to themselves." :-)

The same user has created similar excellent videos on raising of the taxes, affirmative action, feminism, and others.

Thanks to Marc Morano

Tevatron will shut down in September

Sixteen hours ago, Lisa Randall tweeted:

Very sad. Tevatron will be turned off at end of year. All eyes on LHC for Higgs discovery and more. Good news is that LHC doing great.
BBC News were the first outlet to report that the plans to extend the Fermilab's collider lifetime were abandoned for budgetary reasons.

Dozens of other sources followed.

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Weather in the year 3000: once again

Two years ago, we discussed a report in MSNBC about a paper that was predicting the climate for the year 3000.

Boston's industrial suburbs, January 2100: that's a foreseeable future in comparison with the paper we discuss now

Now it's 2011 and Nature Geoscience is just going to offer us another paper about the weather in the year 3000: who cares that no one can really make predictions for February 2011? ;-)

University of Calgary: press release

Ongoing climate change following a complete cessation of carbon dioxide emissions (abstract)
The very first sentence of the abstract shows that the article is about political advocacy rather than science: "A threat of irreversible damage should prompt action to mitigate climate change, according to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, which serves as a basis for international climate policy."

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Edward Witten: 70 minutes of string theory

If you have a spare hour and you want to see Edward Witten sitting in an IAS armchair and give you a lecture of modern physics from the 19th century all the way to string theory, continue to read this text.

Gabrielle Giffords' staff killed by Jared Loughner

Ms Gabrielle Giffords, a Democratic representative in Arizona, was shot into her head. Several others have been killed. She's in critical condition but after the surgery, doctors are optimistic.

See all five videos he has posted

The shooter was almost certainly 22-year-old Mr Jared Lee Loughner and the video above tells us something about him.

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Feynman on science, religion, and communism

Here is a fun talk that Feynman gave on May 2nd, 1956, at Caltech. Obviously, it's read by a Feynman fan, not Feynman himself:

Transcript is here...

Climate sensitivity from a linear fit

The sloppiness on John Cook's blog is unlikely to be coincidental

In this text, I would like to settle the question what is the climate sensitivity - warming attributed to CO2 doubling - from the observed CO2 concentrations and global mean temperatures from 1850. At the very beginning, let me tell you that the result will be 1.66 °C if all observed global warming were due to the CO2 growth.

This text will be vastly more accurate and less sketchy than a text by Keith Pickering about the climate zombies (us) at John Cook's blog.

Growing CO2 concentration

First, let me offer you an excellent Ansatz for the concentration of CO2 in the year "year" during the industrial era. We won't usually need it but it's simply:

conc(year) = 280 ppm + 22.3 ppm * exp[(year-1920) / 57]
You see that for a very small year, like 1776, the concentration is close to 280 ppm. For the year 1920, it is chosen to be 280+22.3 = 302.3 ppm, and the deviation from 280 ppm is exponentially growing with 57 years being the e-folding time (the time in which the deviation increases 2.718 times).

Meaning and job of the phase spaces

Four authors have submitted a preprint that appeared yesterday:

The principle of relative locality
Amelino-Camelia, Freidel, Kowalski-Glikman, and Smolin apparently think that their paper is as deep as the bottom of the sea. Instead, the actual relationship to the bottom of the sea is that their paper is another ship that was attempting to float but instead, it went glob-glob-glob-glob to the bottom of the sea within a minute after the first reader began to look at it.

Their paper tries to do some pathological things with the phase space and their symmetries. It would be silly for me to write a whole blog entry about a very dumb paper so instead, this text will try to describe the history, transformations, meaning, and structures that exist on the phase space.

Why the paper is nonsense

But at the very beginning, let me mention that the paper is utter nonsense because the authors have failed to understand that

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Republican AGW crusader Kerry Emanuel

The Los Angeles Times have promoted Kerry Emanuel of MIT,

Scientist proves conservatism and belief in climate change aren't incompatible
See also a short echo in the Washington Post.

Kerry Emanuel, who has once argued that the hurricanes get stronger and more frequent because of man-made climate disruption, is presented as a new role model: Republicans are recommended to follow in his footsteps. Of course, the media won't show us left-wing scholars who are climate skeptics - e.g. Denis Rancourt or left-wing journalists such as Alexander Cockburn.

These facts indicate that for many journalists, the attitudes to climate disruption have become more important than the attitudes to ordinary political questions that used to divide the people into leftists and rightwingers.

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Kathryn Gray (10) finds her supernova

Just an amusing video:

Prof Kathryn Aurora Gray of Fredericton NB, Canada, discovered a supernova on Sunday. The Canadian Royal Astronomical Society confirmed that this 10-year-old girl became the youngest person who has discovered a supernova.

Edward Witten: Knots and quantum theory

Three weeks ago, on December 15th, 2010, Friends of the IAS Princeton invited the undisputed Lord of the Strings, Edward Witten, to give a talk about knots in general and about their relationship to the quantum theory in particular.

It is the discipline of mathematics in which the power of the physical intuition and the power of Witten's brain have been demonstrated most comprehensibly from the mathematicians' viewpoint - and the topic that has largely earned the Fields medal for Witten himself.

International Year of Chemistry and Forests

The United Nations officials have defined the year 2011 as the International Year of Forests and the International Year of Chemistry. This blog entry is my celebration, and the only celebration, of these two bureaucratic events.

Boubín, a protected virgin forest in Šumava, i.e. the Bohemian and Bavarian forest on our border with Germany

Forests and your humble correspondent

Czechia is - and even Czechoslovakia was - a rather small landlocked country so we have a somewhat limited understanding of what "Nature" and "wild life" represent. Forests play an important role in shaping the meaning of the word "nature" in minds such as mine. They are among the environments we imagine when we talk about the world before the civilization era.

Tevatron: CDF sees 3.4-sigma top quark pair asymmetry

The Wilson Hall rebuilt to celebrate the top quark; note the top-antitop asymmetry: the reflection in the water isn't identical :-)

Jester at Résonaances was rightfully attracted by a new experimental paper by the CDF collaboration at the Fermilab:

Evidence for a Mass Dependent Forward-Backward Asymmetry in Top Quark Pair Production
They see something strange happening with the top quarks and antiquarks; the forward-backward asymmetry has a 3.4-sigma anomaly. Now, this is just a little bit higher than my 3-sigma threshold for quantities I previously didn't care about but it may deserve to be noticed.

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RSS: 2010 was the second warmest after 1998

The RSS AMSU satellite team managed to be the fastest one once again. Its December 2010 data are out and we may compute the average temperatures for the years, too.

Because it's a new year, I calculated the exact averages, taking the right number of days in each month (including leap years) into account. The ranking is as follows:

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History of the global warming scare, Chapter 6: 2005-2010


    A high level of interest in tropical cyclones derives from an unusually active hurricane season in 2004 when more than 14 tropical cyclones formed in the North Atlantic basin. Four of these storms intensified to Category 4 or greater and made landfall in the USA causing considerable damage. The even more dramatic 2005 season followed in its heels with more than thirty depressions. Four of them intensified to Category 5 and three made landfall. The most intense was Hurricane Wilma but the most spectacular was Hurricane Katrina which made landfall in Florida and again in Louisiana. Its devastation was facilitated by a breach in a levee system that was unrelated to AGW but its dramatic consequences made it an icon of the possible extreme weather impacts of fossil fuel caused global warming. Climate scientists stepped up quickly and said that Katrina was confirmed as a climate change even by climate models. More info:


    Man-made global warming is melting the vast peat bogs of Siberia. The melt will release enough methane and carbon dioxide to bring about climate change Armageddon by virtue of a positive feedback and its non-linear process gone berserk. This scare is repeated in 2007 saying that global warming is causing the Alaska coast to melt. More info:

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