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AGW vs phishers: a thief robbed another thief

Richard Black of BBC brought us an amusing report about one group of scammers that decided to rob another group of scammers.

Some climate "scientists" have already been robbed by their colleagues who are smaller fish, however: the phishers.

Click the picture for a website of the fake conference; it looks indistinguishable from other climate conferences whose organizers consider themselves serious people

The February 2011 conference will take place in a fancy hotel in the middle of a pond close to Buckingham Palace in London. You have to pay the reservation fees in advance. It is up to the fish living in the pond whether they will return you the fee.

The phishers have even chosen a lead scientist who should attract the climate scientists to the conference. An Indian wannabe porn writer and a failed railway engineer is acting as a climate scientist. The fake climate organization is called the IPCC. Or are they the victims? When thieves begin to steal money from other thieves' credit cards, things may become a bit confusing.

Here is a partial list of climate conferences in 2011 that you shouldn't try to attend because they're organized by scammers.

United States businesses lose $2 billion as victims of phishing attacks every year. United States taxpayers lose $2.5 billion as victims of the fradulent science on climate disruption. These numbers are included to make you sure who is the bigger fish and who is the smaller fish.

Via Sarah Kavassalis

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