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Global warming panic explained

One of those computer-narrated, animated dialogues. But this one is really funny and realistic:

My favorite line was "That was in the old times. Now progress is achieved by scientists falling in line and keeping their doubts to themselves." :-)

The same user has created similar excellent videos on raising of the taxes, affirmative action, feminism, and others.

Thanks to Marc Morano

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snail feedback (3) :

reader Geremia said...

This reminds me of this.

reader aaron said...


Lobos, you need a Kindle version of your weblog.

It could provide some additional income.

reader Unknown said...

Well, yes, it's certainly very funny Lubos, but for an entirely different reason. Do you and Marc Morano and your fellow travellers ever stop for one moment to consider the supreme irony of your statements? I guess not, which is a good thing in a way because it keeps the entertainment factor high.

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