Saturday, January 22, 2011

Noam Chomsky: GOP victory will exterminate mankind via AGW

I've spent six years in Cambridge and I've known many people who would enthusiastically attend talks by Noam Chomsky at MIT. Many of them were very smart people but something in their brains had to be simply defective.

Most of these things look unreal to me today. The creators of the video above have collected a group of hysterically whining left-wing whacko sourball academics who complain about peak oil, climate change, and the recent GOP victory in the United States.

Noam Chomsky, the most famous one, begins to talk around 8:20.

He offers conspiracy theories about the media that have promoted deniers so that most people now believe them - instead of promoting thinkers who think that the catastrophe will be worse than previously thought. That's one of hundreds of signs that Chomsky clearly had to live in a different Universe (namely in the Universe of an ivory tower in which his Yes Mr Chomsky fellow "progressives" encouraged his brain's decay). I have lived in the Universe where the media have been brainwashing their readers and viewers by catastrophic fantasies for long years.
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As you expect, he blames capitalism for all the evil in the world. The evil capitalists are "mortgaging the future of their grandchildren". A nutcase must be a true linguist to rebuild James Hansen's sentences in this way, indeed. If this "thinker" had at least some traces of common sense, he would know that the wealthy capitalists are the first ones who may afford to care - and who do care - about the distant future, unlike the poorer people who must care about the present and the closer future.

He finally gets to the punch line around 12:00. We're marching towards the cliff. People hate and distrust everyone. At 12:50, he says that "the latest election a couple of days ago - you can almost interpret it as a kind of a death knell for the species." Dear TRF readers, if you managed to vote for a GOP candidate, you have killed 6.9 billion people because the Republicans are global warming deniers. If this were happening in a small country like Monaco, it would be fine, Chomsky explains. But when it's happening in the richest country in the world, it's a "danger for the survival of the species."

Nobody is going to do very much unless the U.S. will do a lot. After 240 years when America was plagued by the trade economy and democracy, and was sometimes encouraging others to misbehave, the USSA currently have the obligation to be the role model for the whole regulated world, showing others the path towards the bright and rosy future society controlled from above, by sensible people of the Chomsky kind. That's the only way to avoid the extinction of the human species.

Wow, just wow. Time for your pills, Mr Chomsky - and everyone who considers this Gentleman an inspiring intellectual.

Thanks to Marc Morano.


  1. Interesting clip. Lots of nuts and bolts math and statistics goes into the oil depletion analysis, which is kind of ignored to make a larger point. I have been looking into the analysis for several years and recently finished a volume called The Oil ConunDRUM. I tend to agree that we should look at the subject without making over-the-top pronouncements.

  2. If anyone wants a good and honest look into the quality of
    Chomsky's intellect, you'll find the following a good a site.
    It is too depressing even to quote. Happy reading: