Saturday, January 15, 2011

Physics Stack Exchange

The server
Physics.StackExchange.COM (click)
allows you to ask questions about physics - and someone will answer them. Or you may answer questions asked by others. In recent days, I spent many hours with this server by the latter activity.

Physics profile for Luboš Motl at Physics, Q&A for active researchers, academics and students of physics

A similar server exists for maths, too. And probably other disciplines you may mention in the comments.

Via Cosmic Variance


  1. Ron Maimon got suspended from physics stackexchange last night for one month, and his rep got knocked down from 40,700 to 1 for good measure. It was bound to happen. "You can't fight City Hall." Stack Exchange is a money machine for its owners and they will protect their corporate brand ruthlessly. That is their right not only legally but I ould contend also morally. When you sign up to stackexchange it is made clear that you are not a customer and that you have no contractual rights whatsoever. Evidently enough people complained about Ron's abrasive style and his pushing of "cold fusion" that a decision was made at the top to silence him. Personally I think it's too bad, he helped many people with good Answers or he wouldn't have ammassed so many reputation points, but really he ought to get his own weblog.

  2. Oops, this is a hard measure. Was there something specific he had a problem with?