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Cella Energy hydrogen beads: gasoline for $1.50 per gallon

Cella Energy claims to be close to the construction of a new fuel that would be compatible with your car: it could literally replace ordinary gasoline, they claim.

Giz Mag, Google News
However, this new fuel would be made out of micron-sized nanotechnological beads - hydrides stored in small porous polymers. It would be cheaper than the regular gasoline - relatively to the prices in Central Europe, it would be 4 times cheaper.

The usual pseudoscientific tirades about the absence of CO2 emissions is a mandatory appendix in all the media.

Do you actually understand what the polymers are made out of, what happens with them in your regular motor, and how the fuel is produced? And most importantly, how close they are actually to a working prototype that you may pour into your motor?


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snail feedback (2) :

reader Unknown said...

Four times cheaper than normal gasoline?
How do you measure "cheapness"?
A quarter of the current price, I could understand . . .

reader tarpon said...

Coal can be turned into gasoline with conventional refining at less than $30 a barrel oil equivalents, according to a 2009 pilot plant and study at U of T done for Canada.

Oil is now at $100 a barrel, gas at over $3 a gallon US ... So figure $1 a gallon gasoline.

Why is China investing in thorium reactors and the world is investing in useless windmills.

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