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ClimateGate's Gene Wahl: I did delete the e-mails

Steve McIntyre has some interesting news about the famous May 2008 ClimateGate e-mail in which Phil Jones asks Mike to delete any mails he had with Keith (who is undergoing a minor family crisis), while Gene and Caspar will have to do the same thing.

One of those five men, Gene, is Eugene Wahl. He only became an NOAA employee a few months after the e-mails. So when the Inspector General of the Department of Commerce recently asked Wahl about his reaction to the mail, Wahl could say the truth, without any fear that he would be arrested.

His answer was that "he believes that he deleted the referenced emails at the time." Incredibly enough, Wahl wasn't interviewed by any of the ClimateGate whitewashes.

Sadly, Phil, Mike, Caspar, and Keith still can't speak the truth because they are still employed as climate scientists by the same institutions whose policies forbid the employees to do what those folks have been systematically doing. And being employed as a climate scientist, unfortunately, requires the people to lie 100% of their lives.

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