Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Congress: 35+36 climate scientists clarify misconceptions by 18 climate bullies

A week ago, a radical group of 18 climate bullies has tried to scare the U.S. Congress:
Eighteen hardcore AGW alarmists threaten U.S. Congress
Michael Mann, Kevin Trenberth, Ben Santer, and 15 additional combative climate crackpots have argued that the doomsday is imminent and they denied the very existence of climate skeptics. The representatives shouldn't listen to any skeptical voices because they don't exist. There's a consensus, you know, and the failure of the U.S. Congress to act would mean to destroy the world.

So I guess that their spectacularly high number of 18 bullies can't be beaten by anyone, can it? Who would dare to disagree with Ben Santer who plans to "beat the crap out of Patrick Michaels" during their next conference?

Today, a group of 35 genuine U.S. climate scientists from well-known U.S. climatological scholarly institutions and 36 additional researchers in related fields has responded to the letter by the 18 AGW jihadists. This larger group has informed the politicians about another consensus, a consensus among the scientists who haven't lost their mind.

The Truth About Climate Change Open Letter: Open Letter to the United States Congress: 8 February 2011 (PDF)
They offer coordinates to resources - including the NIPCC report - disproving all the particular claims about a collapsing world. The scientists encourage the representatives not to get intimidated by bullying by the eco Nazis.

By the way, today, I had an article about the AGW issue in a leading Slovak newspapers, SME (EN). It was called "People are not to be blamed for bad weather." I sketch the temperature changes from CO2 and lots of natural drivers, put it in their context, and mention at the very end that the corruption of the Czech Globe type, when the EU has bought 150 promoters of climate doom in an otherwise skeptical Czechia for $35 million, should no longer be tolerated.

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