Friday, February 11, 2011

Google celebrates the light bulb

The main Google web page shows the following animated GIF image:

Thomas Alva Edison was born 164 years ago. Congratulations to his fans! He had his main lab in Menlo Park, New Jersey - a place that all people who have commuted from Rutgers to New York (e.g. your humble correspondent) know under the funny name "Edison, New Jersey" these days. But I actually remember having done lots of shopping in the Menlo Park Mall. Google Maps suggest that I was biking for 10+ miles there plus 10+ miles back. Wow, now I have about 5 malls and comparable supermarkets less than 0.5 mile from our building. ;-)

In the doodle logo, the letter "L" of Google is represented by the mostly banned light bulb. In progressive countries, it has become mandatory to replace it either with fluorescent lights based on mercury or LED lights that contain one order of magnitude more lead and arsenic than what is allowed - see a new study.

Perhaps, it could become legal to return to Edison's heatballs again?

By the way, the first lawsuits against California's hateful anti-carbon bill don't come from the evil capitalists and oil companies, as the alarmist propagandists often like to claim, but from low-income groups who are clearly the most affected ones by the Nazi-like regulation.

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