Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Herschel: old stars needed less dark matter

If you would like to get rid of dark matter, the European infrared space telescope, Herschel, has some good news for you.

Three theoretical pictures of the redshift z~2 Universe (10.7 billion years ago): a) continuous dark matter distribution, b) simplified view of the halo model, c) most efficient sites to ignite stars. Click to zoom in.

By looking at those distant places, folks using the Herschel data - Alexandre Amblard and dozens of collaborators - concluded that the concentration of 0.3 trillion solar masses (an old galaxy) is enough to start ignition of stars. That strongly differs from the "consensus orthodoxy" that estimated the lower bound to be 5 trillion solar masses.

The preprint appeared as a letter to editor of Nature today.

Via Phys Org

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