Monday, February 14, 2011

How does an average French woman look like?

A topic for Valentine's Day.

Did you ever want to know how the/an average German woman or the/an average black American woman looks like? Those questions have already been calculated by Face Research. Here is a couple of nations:

Here are the averages for 46 nations. You may also create your own averages, including those involving your photograph.

The average women are pretty attractive. I think it's not hard to understand why. People are instinctively trained to dislike visual features that strongly deviate from the average and the average women have none of them. Moreover, the averaging is likely to remove all local non-uniform perturbations that are also considered "ugly".

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  1. I am curious, when they made the composite face for the "average German" woman did they use the faces of Turkish immigrants? She looks very similar to the Greek one.