Friday, February 18, 2011

Johnny Ball: AGW crusaders liquidated 90% of my income

Johnny Ball has been a great popularizer of mathematics, especially among the British children. Even these days, at the age of 72, he can spontaneously, vigorously, and meaningfully answer any general science question from the kids:

Johnny Ball has been inconvenient to the green lobby at least since March 2009. After a global warming fatwā was issued against Johnny Ball by the climate change bigots in December 2009, when it turned out he was a climate realist, his career has been wrecked: The Telegraph, TES, The Drum, Daily Mail.

Being afraid of the global warming terrorists and related complications, 90% of schools that would invite him to make a speech didn't invite him in 2010. Brendan O'Neill of The Telegraph is discussing how gross intolerance is crushing free debate on climate change. James Delingpole discusses how the green lobby smears its enemies.

The green scum has not only been screaming: they have created DeSmogBlog-like nasty blogs with fake pictures where Johnny Ball has been pictured as a paedophile, and many other things.

In related news, Research blogs also explain that the suppression of skepticism is a principal threat to science. See also Bishop Hill and the Sunday Times that wrote about calls by John Beddington.

If you imagine that the AGW zealots have caused damage to Johnny Ball in hundreds of thousands of pounds, and if I tell you that a kilogram of pork costs 2 pounds and an average AGW zealot has 50 kilograms of meat on his or her body, it is not hard to approximately calculate how many AGW zealots have to be sold to pay for the damages.

But the compensation may be only beginning: police started to investigate the people claimed to be AGW criminals. The war on AGW terror must be comprehensive and we should make no distinction between the AGW terrorists and those who harbor them.

Via Benny Peiser

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