Monday, February 14, 2011

Korea: heaviest snowfall on record

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In March 2000, scientists at The Independent proved that there would never be any snow again:
Snowfalls are now just a thing of the past
Researchers from world-renowned places such as the University of East Anglia - this one became even more renowned a few years later :-) - confirmed that "snow is starting to disappear from our lives," much like sledges, snowmen, and snowballs.

Another proof they used were the first two months of the year 2000 that didn't bring much snow to the U.K. It followed that the snow wouldn't return, the exceptional thinkers concluded.

Ten years later, the 2000 article has gone viral so that The Independent published another article in January 2011, Don't believe the hype over climate headlines, in which Steve Connor claims that The Independent only wrote rubbish in the headline in order to attract readers. Well, the author forgot to mention that the body of the text was also composed out of rubbish, much like 99% of what his newspaper has ever written about the climate.

Not just the "contrarians", as the sane people are called by the author, but everyone knows that after a series of intense winters in Europe, the U.K., and America, the message has become that the snow is actually caused by global warming, together with warmcold winters and coldwarm winters - as well as Januaries whose UAH temperature anomaly is 0.00 °C, e.g. January 2011.

And the snow will be caused by global climate change until the weather changes again. Then the scientific consensus of the leading scientists who haven't managed to be jailed in a psychiatric asylum yet will make another uniform U-turn: the snow will permanently disappear again. ;-)

In South Korea, where the ongoing snowfall is heaviest in more than a century, 12,000 soldiers were ordered to rescue stranded citizens as extra snowfalls are predicted for the coming hours. The video offered by the BBC website is pretty cool.

Needless to say, the snowfall didn't avoid North Korea, either. The traces of agriculture and other economic sectors that haven't yet been fully destroyed by the global warmists' closest ideological allies were "badly affected by the heavy snowfall." The four main enemies of communism are called Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. The newest version of communism, the global warming alarmism, has discovered that all these four enemies - including all the climate change - were created by the evil capitalist in order to destroy the communists.

That won't make the life of our North Korean comrades easier. Two days ago, North Korea asked the Czech Republic for food aid. It turned out that the new leaders of the free world were not the only country that has heard such a request. ;-)

La Nina may end in a few months

Today's weekly ENSO report shows that the ENSO ONI 3.4 anomaly has weakened to -1.2 °C and slight positive anomalies in the very Eastern part of the equatorial Pacific may indicate that the current La Nina episode may end by May or June. But I can't guarantee that.

Civil war in Sierra Club

Finally, Sierra Club has decided to do something I have been encouraging them to do for years: to confront the climate cranks. So I would like to hope that the climate cranks similar to Al Gore and Mark Hertsgaard will quickly see the results of this confrontation on their bloody buttocks. But I don't actually believe that the climate cranks themselves may do a good job in confronting other climate cranks.

You may join Generation Hot on Facebook for a minute and write your list of climate cranks who should be confronted. Then you may "unlike" the page again if you wish. ;-)

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