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Nerdy girls need love too

Amy Lee Radigan (British Columbia) has recorded a song that became a kind of hit.

160,000 views in three weeks is not bad. Sheldon Cooper and sonic screwdriver are among the guys she has a crush on. ;-)

She's recording a CD that will be available in April via amyleeradigan.com.

Via Vancouver Sun

Watson vs human in Jeopardy: tie

Humans are no longer needed for knowledge TV contests. IBM's artificially intelligent device, Watson, was as good as his better human opponent - despite the fact that Watson has made a mistake that would be silly if it were made by a human: repeating a wrong answer of his foe.

However, computers have clearly become good enough to, for example, write papers on loop quantum gravity. Apple whose products are made in China is already preparing a competing machine. Each iWatson will have a compressed Chinese worker in it. ;-)

Stephen Wolfram has explained differences between Watson and Wolfram|Alpha on his blog.

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