Thursday, February 10, 2011

Prince Charles on corrosive skepticism

Benny Peiser has sent us six interesting articles today:
  1. Prince Charles on corrosive skepticism: according to the British queen's eldest son, skepticism is corrosive for the society. The heir apparent was quickly criticized for contaminating his royal reputation.
  2. Fuel poverty in Wales leads to many other problems.
  3. World Bank: Stern report is rubbish: a new publication by the World Bank concludes that "the hypothesized damages quoted by Lord Stern are completely inconsistent with empirical evidence."
  4. WSJ: Weather is not getting weirder. But we need the resources to be ready for extreme weather, regardless of the causes.
  5. House leaders plan to liberate NASA from AGW junk: top representatives want NASA to be redirected back to the noble celestial goals from the recent terrestrial junk that has polluted the organization.
  6. Europe will see a negligible impact of climate change: a new report.

1 comment:

  1. Prince Charles and the monarchy have enormous financial interest in advancing global warming. The monarchy is expected to make $37 million a year related to wind turbines. The crown owns much land off the UK coast where turbines will be placed and will collect fees for wind farms at sea. Charles in particular has been very involved in working out these financial arrangements, and the Queen recently worked out a new payment plan where the monarchy no longer has to beg parliament for money. They are relying on the turbines for a big part of their future income. Prince Phillip of course is a founder and longtime president of WWF. The point is, Charles is unelected, has huge financial interests in global warming, and we the taxpayer have no one representing and defending us against this.