Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Australian carbon tax

Australian prime minister Ms Julia Gillard suffers from a Messiah complex. She decided to impose an insane carbon tax on the economy of the most compact continent. Fortunately, today, she suffered a serious setback when the PC turned against her.

About 3,000 nice but alarmed protesters against the carbon tax used a more decent language than the language used by Ms Gillard against them.

You could be shocked by the statement because she has enough political correctness to flood the Solar System.

But don't get me wrong: the PC is the Productivity Commission, an independent Australian body that has some capacity to influence decisions that affect Australia's competitiveness. Surprisingly for Gillard, the PC realized that the carbon tax is a masochist if not suicidal policy and reports written by hired guns and attempting to claim otherwise are bogus.

But Ms Gillard is not going to give up easily. In recent days, she has defended her usage of the word "deniers" because it was a phrase in common use. She will stop calling Tony Abbott a denier when he stops being a denier, she added. What a nice lady. Or should we perhaps use a different word? Wait a minute. ;-)

However, her hypocrisy couldn't have become more obvious when the would-be iron lady whined about her being called "Bob Brown's bitch" on some banners. Well, I assure Ms Gillard that a "bitch" is a term for her in common use, too, and if her aides suggested otherwise, they were lying to her. And it is actually a much more friendly word than the terms she is using for people who understand the climate much more than she does. I guess that people will stop calling her a bitch when she stops acting as a bitch. :-)

But let me discuss somewhat more important issues than the names popular among some bitches. Try to compare these two texts:
Reject climate extremists by Julia Gillard

Global warming: 10 little facts by Bob Carter
Gillard writes, without a glimpse of rational evidence, that everyone who disagrees with her insane plan is an extremist. She also wants to impose the tax on "1000 largest polluters". This formulation is just a detail but: it is a bizarre rule, indeed. If I were a top 1000 largest producer of CO2, the gas we call life, I would probably divide my company to N pieces where N is whatever high enough integer needed to remove all the pieces from top 1000. ;-)

Otherwise, her article is a mixture of low-brow ad hominem attacks, cheap methods to create the impression that everyone else is even more confused than she is, complete ignorance about the science, and crackpot economics. Some polls indicate that a weak majority of the Australian population supports Gillard's plan. I can't believe that the nation is composed out of so many gullible sheep.

In his article, Bob Carter, on the contrary, tries to analytically study individual facts and go as deeply as needed to get an accurate answer. He shows the numerous ways in which language, logic, and science are abused when the Gillard types are talking about CO2, its role in Nature, its difference from carbon, temperature trends, and when they invent fake emergencies and policies that can't possibly be both effective as well as tolerable for the economy, as some numbers make more explicit.

Well, even if one closes the whole Australian economy for a century, the impact on the temperature will be of order 0.01 °C.

Gillard doesn't want to listen to smart and well-informed researchers in her country such as Prof Carter. She prefers to listen to politically convenient would-be scientists who invent non-existent problems and to pay them even more money to tell her what she wants to hear, anyway. As they are getting more money from the politicians who want to nurture their Messiah complex, they may look more important - but that's just an optical illusion they're still the same deluded and corrupt crackpots.

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  1. Try to look at the positive side. The world would import more cheap coal from Australia. Bad for them good for us.