Wednesday, March 02, 2011

February UAH AMSU: -0.02 deg C

Roy Spencer has announced the final global UAH AMSU anomaly for the lower troposphere: it is -0.018 °C which means that it was just slightly cooler (by a statistically insignificant difference) than the average February from the 1980-2010 benchmark period.

As you can see, global warming causes not only warming and cooling (not to mention warmcold winters and coldwarm winters) but also the ultimate mediocrity and stability of temperatures. ;-)

The global figure is 0.008 °C cooler than the January 2010 figure and the regional readings remained almost unchanged, too.

Both hemispheres - the Southern and the Northern one - had anomalies that were anomalously close to zero. ;-) Tropics remained at -0.35 °C which is negative but not unusually large negative.

The mid troposphere was probably somewhat more visibly below the average.

The La Niňa conditions that looked very likely to disappear a week ago have been revived a little bit (what I mean is the new small blue blob near the South American equatorial beaches) so it is again equally likely that the episode will continue at least for another season as that it will end before Summer.

I hope that the dear reader will forgive me the Czech spelling of Spanish words such as Niňa: it looks pretty similar like the tilde, doesn't it? :-) And it's much faster for me to write it.


  1. Forgiven. La Niña with your ad hoc tilde is much more preferable than the usual "nina".

    In fact, I am more worried by the extreme and unprecedented global warming and the subsequent (negative) rise on temperatures we are suffering.

    Maybe we should start looking for a (negative) CO2 sink... in a hurry

  2. Dear Heber,

    the accent I used in La Niňa is not a tilde: it's a háček. ;-)

    If you're worried about "unprecedented warming", maybe you should stop playing computer games and open the window, after those years.

    There has been no warming at least for 13 years.

    Best wishes

  3. Lubos, the spelling is good -- I had to really squint at the screen to see the difference.

    BTW, I think you missed Heber's sarcasm . . .

  4. As a spanish-speaking user that use computers from times where no spanish keybord existed, I always remember that in case of not having the "ñ" at hand it can be written with the good old ASCII code with the combination Alt+164 ;)
    I guess you might remember a similar trick for the haček.

  5. Dear Lubos:
    As I wrote, yours was an "ad hoc tilde", cleverly used.
    And on "warming", I was being ironic: observe the "negative rise".
    In Spain, not everybody is as stupid as Rodríguez Zapatero, even when it may seem so.