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A library in Prague: 40 gigapixels

In May 2009, I declared a contest based on a 1.5 gigapixel photograph of the Obama inauguration. In December 2009, TRF mentioned the world's largest spherical panoramic photograph: its 18 gigapixels were collected on the Prague TV tower.

Click the 0.00012 gigapixel picture to zoom in and to obtain a 0.0013 gigapixel image.

The progress hasn't stopped. The world's largest indoor photograph has 40 gigapixels and you may guess the the city where it was taken: well, it's Prague once again. As the WSJ blogs and others figured out, it's a photograph of the Library of the Strahov Monastery (early 18th century) by Jeffrey Martin.

Here it is:

Strahov Library's 40 gigapixels (Flash needed)
You may try the "tour". Let me try to avoid the misunderstanding once again: your digital camera probably has megapixels only and we're talking about gigapixels here which is not quite the same thing. ;-)

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reader Jack Savage said...

Did I not see this technology in the movie "Bladerunner"?

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