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The New York Times praise David Koch

The New York Times have celebrated the philanthropy of David Koch (70):

Cancer Research Before Activism, Billionaire Conservative Donor Says
The MIT is opening the new David H. Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research (see picture above); he has donated $100 million to it.

We learn that he is a likable guy who was warmly welcomed in the People's Republic of Cambridge and that a left-wing prankster managed to learn to imitate Koch's voice.

In fact, The New York Times readers were even allowed to notice that “it is Greenpeace that is the denier here — denier of any rational and honest dialogue on the underlying scientific debate regarding climate change.” ;-)

You know, such articles are the reason why I have never lost my perception of The New York Times as a top serious and mostly balanced paper in the U.S., despite its image of the ultimate bastion of progressive extremists.

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