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Václav Havel, the film director

Václav Havel (74), a playwright, a famous Czech dissident, and a former president of Czechoslovakia and the Czech Republic, has become a film director, too.

I have only seen the theater version of "Leaving" so far - but the Czech movie theaters are presenting the first movie directed by Havel today. It is based on the same play.

An elite selection of Czech actors agreed to participate in the project because Havel is just a huge authority in these corners. On the other hand, the movie has already received extremely weak ratings - such as 27% on CSFD (Czech and Slovak Film Database).

As far as the trailer is representative of the movie, I find it visually attractive - it seems like fun - and I mostly liked the theater play, too. Of course, it's very hard to separate one's impressions from the general knowledge and experience with Havel as a politician and a human being. I am convinced that most of the ratings reflect the people's relationship to Havel. Moreover, there's no doubt that Havel's plays are not a material for mass culture.

In the movie, Chancellor Riegr is resigning from politics. He's deeply shaken although he tries to suggest otherwise. Most of the people around him have been glued to Riegr because of his power and the money - and they are disappearing accordingly

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