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Are extra tornadoes caused by CO2?

The planet is going to die. The only thing that the global warming cultists are uncertain about is what kind of death it will choose.

The Capitol of a state filled with climate change deniers is being tested by a man-made tornado resembling a nuclear mushroom. (At least that's what the jihadists want the caption to be.)

In 2005, they would tell us that every season would bring its ever increasing number of hurricanes. The number of Katrinas would skyrocket and they would eventually kill everyone. However, a sequence of average and below-the-average hurricane seasons has led the climate cultists to change their preferred doomsday scenario dozens of times in recent years. One could say that every time the weather changed, their holy scripture was rewritten, too.

So during the years, we have "learned" that global climate change will destroy us via hurricanes, snowstorms in New York, floods in Pakistan, heat waves in Russia, maybe even earthquakes in Japan and I could go on and on and on. Right now, the face of the climate god - also known as a rare weather event - are tornadoes in Alabama. ;-)

While most scientists silently acknowledge that there's no link between these twisters and "global climate change" (silently so that their funding is not affected), it is not just infamous unhinged activists who are promoting this link. Kevin Trenberth at Think Progress thinks it is "irresponsible not to mention climate change in the context of the tornadoes". Wow. See 100+ other fresh articles discussing the AGW-tornado link.

Yesterday, Marc Morano has nicely presented this changing perspective about the kind of skyrocketing deadly events on Fox News:

Very true. The climate bigots' belief is meant to be strengthened every time the weather changes. Because the weather has been changing all the time for 4.7 billion years and it is meticulously continuing to do so, it's not surprising that the fanaticism of the climate cultists has already surpassed that of many Muslims.

BBC 1964: Feynman in Strangeness Minus Three

Steven Miller has sent me a cute 41-minute video:

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John Baez, octonions, and string theory

John Baez has always been obsessed by octonions. He sees them everywhere. I love octonions but I realize that they don't play much role in most of physics - and not even in most of string theory.

In 2009, I wrote a related article

John Baez, M-theory, and spinors
Scientific American has just published a text by John Baez and his student John Huerta,
The Strangest Numbers in String Theory (demo; free version in 1 month)
The first fact I find utterly crazy is that two people who manifestly and demonstrably don't understand string theory - not even at the undergraduate level - are writing articles for widely read journals pretending to be scientific magazines with "string theory" playing the role of one half of the title. As I will argue, they are really abusing the stellar brand of string theory to promote their idiosyncratic bullshit.

NASA: today's launch of AMS delayed by 3 days

Tonight, at 9:47 pm Prague Summer Time i.e. 12:47 pm Californian Daylight Saving Time, the space shuttle Endeavour was scheduled to be launched to bring the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer (AMS) towards the International Space Station where it is going to be attached.

See Vancouver Sun.

However, a a problem with power unit 1 heaters postponed the launch at least by 71 hours.

Little Dr Martina Dobešová is giving the not-so-little mole to the U.S. Ambassador to Czechia.

AMS, a device produced at CERN's labs, will be observing charged cosmic rays which could optimistically shed some light on the composition of dark matter, too. The mission will be led by the little Czechoslovak mole.

It will be the last flight of a space shuttle so let's hope that Endeavour won't join Challenger and Columbia.

Monarchies and republics

Prince William and Kate Middleton have become Duke and Duchess of Cambridge after they married, congratulations. The British imperial taxpayer has happily paid $40 million for the wedding, enough money to feed dozens of people throughout their lives.

I suppose you haven't watched it. Neither have I. It's great and lovely. Kate Middleton, a daughter of flight attendants, found something that many girls dream to find, namely her prince. And the courageous prince whom I consider an utterly positive character has found a pretty babe, too.

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Al Gore, religion, Our Choice, and iPad

Larry Bell of Forbes wrote a nice article:

Climate Change As Religion: The Gospel According To Gore
He kindly credits Michael Crichton for some of the first crisp and complete explanations why the global warming orthodoxy has become a religion of the urban folks.

However, if it is a religion, it should have a Bible, right? And what is the coolest medium to create the Holy Scripture of a new 21st century religion? Well, take an iPod Touch and - pkh-vřsr-prd - make it bigger.

Al Gore's Our Choice from Push Pop Press on Vimeo.

So the right idea is to create the coolest, hugely interactive iPad book app ever written (one based on his climatic religious book, Our Choice), with an hour of films embedded in it, among other things, and sell this piece of climatic religion just for $4.99.

LHC: the 115 GeV "Higgs" evaporates after 100/pb

Jester has analyzed YouTwitFace, the new overarching social network, and concluded that ATLAS has looked for the diphoton decays in its 100/pb (one hundred inverse picobarns) of data - by now, it has recorded over 200/pb of collisions - and the 4-sigma signal of a decaying 115 GeV "Higgs" has gone away.

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Education bubble

One of the world's most ingenious venture capitalists, Peter Thiel, the father of PayPal and the first major Facebook investor, believes that the air from the subprime bubble has already been moved into another, perhaps more long-lived bubble waiting to be burst, the higher education bubble.

Google News, Tech Crunch, Business Insider, CIP, Bee
What do I think? Well, I completely agree. People are wasting way too much money and time with formal education and degrees, especially when it comes to degrees at expensive universities. Both at the global level and the Czech level, the number of college degrees people pursue is unnaturally high.

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Gallup in 111 countries: most people don't see a serious AGW threat

Last week, Gallup has released the results of an AGW poll taken in 111 countries:

Fewer Americans, Europeans View Global Warming as a Threat
Only 42% of the people in the world view global warming as a "somewhat serious" or "very serious" threat. In Western Europe and the U.S., this figure has decreased from 2007-2008 by 10 percentage points, to 56% and 53%, respectively.

D0: 2.5-sigma evidence for a 325 GeV top prime quark

To make the jungle of suspicious yet unreliable bumps found by particle physics experiments even more convoluted, the D0 Collaboration at the soon-to-be-euthanized Tevatron is reporting a result that doesn't exclude the fourth-generation quarks quite as expected:

Search for a fourth generation t' quark in ppbar collisions at sqrt{s}=1.96 TeV
Events that look like a fourth-generation top prime quark decaying into W+jets were expected to lead to a 320 GeV lower limit for the top prime quark mass.

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Grist: confess a sin against Earth

I received an URL for a nice prankster website, (click)
On that website, you may enter your sin against the Earth - for example, you confess that you have just used natural gas to cook your lunch.

Click to zoom in

The website produces a nice postcard such as one above. It tells you how you should pray to a saint, e.g. to St Umbra who is O Mother of everything that is good and green. The Sin Gallery is usually very funny - showing that most sinners visiting the website are witty skeptics. ;-)

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ATLAS memo: 4-sigma diphoton bump at LEP's 115 GeV

An expectedly light Higgs boson could be showing up unexpectedly early at the LHC

Key update: After analyzing a higher amount of data, the 115 GeV Higgs signal has gone away (click)
Jester at Resonaances discusses a leaked internal memo of the ATLAS Collaboration at the LHC. See also Dorigo, Gibbs, Woit, Francis, Kavassalis, Wired, New Scientist, MSNBC.

If the internal note is authentic, which is extremely likely right now (but of course, it is not an official ATLAS document at this point!), and if the authors avoided silly mistakes and wishful thinking, which is not guaranteed (and it is particularly doubtful for those who doubted the 115 GeV LEP claims, because both claims involve Ms Sau Lan Wu - see her 2002 paper), ATLAS has analyzed 63.5/pb of data from 2010 and 2011 and it has observed a γγ resonance (excess of events with two photons) with a significance of 4 standard deviations - i.e. at the 99.994% confidence level.

The total invariant mass of the would-be particle is 115 GeV - the mass of the hypothetical Higgs boson that, according to ancient Greek legends, the LEP collider in the very same tunnel could have discovered a few weeks before it was shut down a decade ago.

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Busch Campus suicide catalyzer indicted

Between Fall 1997 and Fall 2001, I lived in a dormitory at the Busch Campus of Rutgers University in Piscataway, New Jersey - in greater New Brunswick.

That's where an act that is effectively a murder took place in September 2010. Chances are nonzero that the key events have occurred in the same apartment where I lived. What happened?

These two folks, Mr Dharun Ravi and Ms Molly Wei, had quite some fun to monitor their gay roommate, music student Tyler Clementi.

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Nature Climate Change: a new useless journal hyping a collapsing movement

Nature readers such as Gordon were told that Nature has just started to publish a new "excellent" sub-journal,

Nature Climate Change (click)
You may also check the current issue - April 2011 Vol 1 Issue 1.

It is such a pathetic pile of lies, old propagandistic clichés, and misunderstandings that, given the collapsing interest in this irrational way of thinking about Nature, life, and science, you have to ask who is funding this defective and separately unprofitable enterprise.

Bill McKibben's sermon at Power Shift

Bill McKibben gave a 16-minute speech in front of the most fanatical and brainwashed children of the English-speaking world.

I find it pretty amazing. Power Shift is an annual conference at which thousands of deluded young climate bigots engineer their chaotic plans to overtake the world. And of course, it's not the young people themselves who are the ultimate master minds. The true leaders are much older - and McKibben is one of them.

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Feminazis assassinate the president of U.S. surgeons

The feminist Gestapo would love to deny top U.S. surgeons the right to conclude e.g. that semen is good for female health

Dr Lazar Greenfield of the University of Michigan is a giant of surgery. In 1968, he invented a metal filter - the Greenfield filter - that prevented clots from traveling through veins into lungs. The discovery has surely saved lots of lives. He has also authored 200 papers, 8 books, and 55 book chapters. Dr Greenfield has also recruited lots of younger surgeons, including a large number of female ones.

However, because of the self-evident inability of the American nation to safely liquidate the pernicious feminist fascist movement, this 78-year-old heroic president of the American College of Surgeons (ACS) had to undergo a rather inhuman treatment that included his forced resignation from ACS.

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Leonard Susskind: String theory and M-theory

If you have something like O(10 x 100 minutes) = O(1000 minutes) and you want to learn the basics of our only candidate for a theory of everything, here is the playlist with ten Prof Susskind's lectures on string theory and M-theory for the Californian pensioners.

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Back from AFO 2011

Some comments about the contest and the movies have been added

Hi! Sorry for the week of absence. I am back from AFO 2011, International Festival of Science Documentary Films, in the historical Moravian city of Olomouc - where I was a Czech jury member. They kindly picked me "because they didn't understand a word in my 2009 stringy lecture after 'The Elegant Universe' but they liked it".

It's been a great experience and I've met lots of fascinating and fun people and participated in many social interactions.

I only had my iPod Touch with me, avoided computers, and suffered from a limited Wi-Fi access. So you may imagine that the amount of unsolved tasks on the Internet that are waiting for me right now is immense. ;-)

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Yuri Gagarin: 50 years ago

On Tuesday, April 12th, it will have been 50 years from what was arguably the most impressive achievement of the Soviet Union.

Czechoslovakia was the first country after the USSR that Gagarin visited after he returned (the picture here is from that visit) - and my positive emotions about his famous journey have survived from the times when I was a red kid even though I have never understood what was exactly the spectacular qualitative difference between flights in the airplane and the low-orbit cosmic flights. But today I admit that "g=0" for a long time is pretty new. ;-)

As TRF has already mentioned, the communist regime in Czechoslovakia celebrated Gagarin's achievement by a hit song composed within a characteristic genre of socialism and the Soviet bloc called jazz. This time, I offer you a children's TV version of the hit song; it features lots of other Soviet symbols such as the white stars from the U.S. flag and hockey sticks from a game invented by the Soviet Union. ;-)

A translation may be found below the video.

Václav Klaus and pen in Chile

I am a great Klaus fan but let me admit that this video - that became a hit in the Czech Republic after it attracted 4 million views in a few days and overshadowed the "Public Affairs"-driven government crisis - has made me laugh out loud.

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Talk by top Czech nuclear safety watchdog

Your humble correspondent has just returned from a talk by Dr Dana Drábová who came to Pilsen - the Mother of Cities - to explain lasting as well as current issues surrounding nuclear energy. She is the chair of the Czech State Nuclear Safety Authority. And I was extremely impressed.

I have always known that she was immensely competent - a few sentences on TV are actually enough.

But a nearly two-hour talk including a segment with questions and answers is needed to see how much competent she really is. The impression becomes particularly striking if you compare her e.g. to Bc Jill Hoggan who is the EU climate tax czar (something that is being planned to become a bigger industry than nuclear energy itself) and who wasn't able to answer a single basic question about her "sector" during an interview in Australia, especially not the quantitative ones (e.g. how much it costs and what brings us).

UK press complaint commission defends free speech and James Delingpole

Lawrence Solomon of the Financial Post has brought the happy news to us:

James Delingpole, one of Britain's most articulate and candid climate skeptics, has been defended against the attempts by the University of East Anglia to silence him.

UEA either wanted Delingpole to get quiet or write some good things about the ClimateGate epicenter, i.e. lies. At any rate, they didn't want him to be open about the CRU's continuing efforts to fabricate graphs, delete evidence, and hurt inconvenient people behind their backs.

Are ET aliens shy?

The Physics arXiv Blog has been intrigued by an extraterrestrial paper by Adrian Kent:

Too Damned Quiet?
Science rejected the paper in 2005 but it's fun, so why wouldn't he submit it to the arXiv in 2011? ;-)

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David Suzuki, wife: despair, huddle at night, weep

Tom Nelson, Steven Goddard, Climate Quotes, and others have noticed that David Suzuki and his wife need a help of a psychiatrist and they tried to provide Suzuki with some comfort:

Partner Spotlight: Dr. David Suzuki, co-founder of the David Suzuki Foundation (Tck Tck Tck)
In the interview above, David Suzuki recalls that in 1989, he managed to become the most important man in the famous David Suzuki Foundation :-). He would broadcast radio series called "It's a Matter of Survival." For twenty two years or 12 million minutes, he has been sure that the threat is "urgent" and that the end of the world comes in a minute.

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Fermilab: CDF "new force" seminar tonight

A new Z' gauge boson near 144 GeV is the most straightforward interpretation of a new bump if it is real

However, an Israeli physicist and TRF reader has already pointed out a problem with the data. Others have pointed out that the would-be discovery goes away if the energy of jets is shifted - the effect could be just mismeasured energy. (Via Lisa Randall.)

Tonight, at 11 p.m. Central European Summer Time or 2 p.m. Californian Daylight Saving Time, Ms Viviana Cavaliere will give a talk at the Fermilab:

Invariant Mass Distribution of Jet Pairs Produced in Association with a W boson in proton-antiproton Collisions at sqrt(s) = 1.96 TeV (live video)

The same title (arXiv preprint)
The title is enough for the experts to understand the channel where the Fermilab folks have seen the new three-sigma "bump": the birth of the hypothetical new particle - which decays to two jets - is bizarrely accompanied by the production of a W-boson (decaying leptonically). Dennis Overbye at the New York Times has revealed that many top physicists view the bump as a big thing:
At Particle Lab, a Tantalizing Glimpse Has Physicists Holding Their Breaths (NYT)

Google News, Tommaso Dorigo, Flip Tanedo of U.S. LHC, Sean Carroll
It's being marketed as a new, unexpected version of the Higgs boson with mass around 144 GeV (technipion from technicolor theories - see a paper by Kenneth Lane et al. tomorrow), a new force such as one from a light leptophobic Z' boson (it's not a prediction - this hep-ph paper written a month ago tried to explain the top-antitop asymmetry but it already knew about the "today's" signal from Viviana Cavaliere's thesis, too), stop squark in R-parity violating (i.e. ugly version of) supersymmetry, and so on. It can't be a Standard Model Higgs because that would be decaying to a bottom quark-antiquark pair.

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Václav Klaus visited glaciers in Patagonia

Last week, Czech President Václav Klaus visited Argentina. Here is a translation of an interview in Lidovky, a leading Czech daily.

Klaus standing by glaciers: Nature can treat us the way She likes

BUENOS AIRES (from an Argentinian LN correspondent) - President Václav Klaus is learning about the beauties of Argentina during his official visit to South America. He also sailed to see the glaciers of Patagonia. "The idea that the man could command the wind and rain, or the temperature and the climate in general, it is a genuine human dream," he told Czech journalists.

Benjamin Netanyahu in Prague

Today, Benjamin Netanyahu became the very first Israeli prime minister who visited the Czech Republic.

Today, he met Mr Petr Nečas, his Czech counterpart. Tomorrow, he will have a lunch with President Klaus.

Portugal's bailout: panic is suddenly gone

José Sócrates, an obnoxiously politically correct leader of Portugal with a somewhat arrogant surname, has changed his mind. His country needs a bailout, after all.

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How a theist defeated an atheist

Via Cosmic Variance

If you have 2 hours and 20 minutes, you may try to watch a debate about "Whether there is evidence of God". Theologian William Lane Craig represents the believers; cosmologist Lawrence Krauss is the atheist.

The first video in the playlist (with 11 items) contains nothing else than music. Go to 2:10 of the second video.

Steven Chu: climate modelers should fabricate lots of tipping points

A week ago, Steven Chu gave a rather shameful talk at the AAAS:

We're not modeling climate tipping points, said DOE's Chu (Computer World blogs)
Among other things, he urged the climate modelers to incorporate lots of cascading effects and positive feedback loops into the already worthless climate models that are being used by the climate fearmongers as would-be arguments. He said that
climate models that don't include the impact of "tipping points," aren't measuring all the risks posed by climate change.
The commonly used climate models exaggerate the future temperature increases approximately by one order of magnitude but they still don't predict any spectacular "positive feedback loops" and "cascading events" because there won't be any. After all, the climate is mostly governed by negative feedbacks and virtually all processes are self-regulating.

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Hopes for a U.S. government shutdown

The U.S. debt ceiling has been USD 14.294 trillion - since last February when it was raised by unprecedented USD 1.9 trillion - and the actual debt is just USD 0.095 trillion lower than this value.

The U.S. government shutdown is becoming a real possibility. It could come as early as on Friday - assuming that the Senate Democrats will try to reject the rather ambitious "3rd stopgap bill". The White House has already rejected it.

Despite the short-term shocks and hassles, I think that such a shutdown would be a very healthy procedure for the future of America and the world. The U.S. politicians' skyrocketing chutzpah - when it comes to the wasting of the taxpayer money - would be reduced a little bit. The future behavior of the politicians could become more responsible - in the U.S. and elsewhere.

Obviously, the debt ceiling is just another artificial and random bureaucratic figure. Without a bill that makes the USD 14.29 trillion figure special, nothing dramatic would happen when this threshold is breached. However, similar artificial thresholds may be necessary to make the politicians realize that something is getting out of control.

Why is the Earth so fat?

Loop quantum gravity crackpots can be smelled from miles away

The Earth resembles an oblate spheroid - an ellipsoid that is flattened towards a disk-like shape: the points on the equator are further from the center of the planet than the poles - by about 20 kilometers.

Just for the sake of completeness, the other ellipsoid would be a "prolate spheroid" that resembles a long stick.

Needless to say, the Earth is oblate because it is spinning around its axis. Mark Eichelaub has seemingly made a very sensible - and "nearly correct" - calculation of the "height difference" between the poles and the equator.

UAH AMSU: global anomaly -0.10 °C

Roy Spencer has released the March 2011 UAH AMSU global satellite data. The anomaly dropped on both hemispheres; the tropics stayed constant.

The global anomaly was -0.10 °C. It's been negative in each of the three months of 2011.

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Did MEG see muons decaying to electrons?

The MEG experiment, named after "muons", "electrons", and "gamma", tries to observe muons that decay to an electron and a photon. It's been initiated in Japan but it is currently running in Switzerland.

μ- → e- + γ   or   μ+ → e+ + γ
So far, no reliable evidence of such a flavor-changing decay has been observed. That's also true for the MEG experiment as of May 2010. The upper bound on the branching ratio is something like "at most 10-30 parts per trillion" among the decays of muons end up with electrons and photons.

Experimentally accessible decays of the muon are predicted by supersymmetry - and perhaps other beyond-the-Standard-Model physics scenarios. The detailed fraction of the decays with this fate depends on unknown values of various parameters.

Is the top-antitop asymmetry due to stop squarks?

TRF has discussed the Tevatron-observed asymmetry in the produced top-antitop in January and March 2011.

Jester of Resonaances is reviewing the models that have been proposed to explain the discrepancy from the Standard Model - assuming that the discrepancy is real.

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Sheldon Cooper will confront Brian Greene

On Thursday, April 7th, 2011, CBS will air another, 04x20 episode of The Big Bang Theory. It's called "The Herb Garden Germination." Amy and Sheldon will try to spread rumors and Howard will act to upgrade his relationship with Bernadette.

More importantly, Brian Greene will star as himself.

He will be reading excerpts from his new book, probably The Hidden Reality about the multiverse, while Sheldon Cooper will display another level of his striking overlap with your humble correspondent. Sheldon will be explaining that it is nonsense to try to teach physics to the general population.

BEST: surface warming since 1880 seems robust to me

I watched a part of the climate hearings in the U.S. Congress - together with infantile ASCII exclamations by Gavin Schmidt and his comrades on a Science Magazine page whose URL was sent to me by a skeptic. ;-)

Kerry Emanuel has said lots of lies about the ClimateGate. Otherwise, the contributions by Scott Armstrong, John Christy, and Richard Muller made lots of sense. Peter Glaser and David Montgomery added a more economically oriented skeptical perspective.

Click to zoom in. Taken from BEST.

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Debbi: Touch the Sun

Just watching the Second Czecho Slovak Pop Idol. Shocked to hear that this song is not coming from abroad. This song has won the "Song of the Year" award - and appeared in a Metaxa ad.

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CMS will stop operations in September 2011

You must have already heard the news. The LHC has created black holes, thus demonstrating that Walter Wagner and other experts who have been warning the world about a possible doomsday at the European collider have been right.

Dr Walter Wagner explains how it was possible for him to predict that the LHC would destroy the world.

In fact, a much more dramatic event has taken place. Two black holes were created: one of them came from the ATLAS detector and the other from the CMS detector. They began to orbit one another. So far, the situation is stabilized but as soon as the black hole temperatures increase by 5.01 °C, they will swallow our blue planet.

Because this "bound state of two black holes" was totally unexpected by the LHC safety analyses, the CERN folks decided that one of the major detectors has to go so that the black hole bound state won't be created again, assuming that the heroic "Chamonix 50" sent by the Lifeboat Foundation will manage to save the Earth in this case.

The Zarnecki Incursion

In my opinion, Penny was the main hero of the yesterday's episode of The Big Bang Theory, 04x19 "Zarnecki Incursion".

Sheldon's World of Warcraft is hacked and everything, including all the gold and the battle ostrich, is stolen. Police turns out to be useless, despite Sheldon's hysteria.

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