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Bill McKibben's sermon at Power Shift

Bill McKibben gave a 16-minute speech in front of the most fanatical and brainwashed children of the English-speaking world.

I find it pretty amazing. Power Shift is an annual conference at which thousands of deluded young climate bigots engineer their chaotic plans to overtake the world. And of course, it's not the young people themselves who are the ultimate master minds. The true leaders are much older - and McKibben is one of them.

You may listen to him - his speech is similar to some of the most emotional speeches by Adolf Hitler. The most important activity, people, and place is what those folks are doing over there, now. After having licked their buttocks, he repeats his own pseudoscientific ideas about the need to reduce CO2 to 350 ppm.

The priest decides that science is the easiest part of the story so he doesn't dedicate a single word to it in his talk. (It's interesting: if the science is so easy, why is the combined mass of these thousands of brains incapable to understand even 1% of the basics of climate science?)

McKibben blasts the White House because even Obama's administration failed to stop the U.S. economy. And aside from "pollution" by CO2 that they have in China, America suffers from one form of pollution that is even worse - "pollution" by money. It's easy to fight against this kind of pollution. Why don't all these young people just press a few keys and send the content of their bank accounts to ours? Why don't they make this most obvious contribution to clean the planet?

Most of the public has already understood that the global warming fears have been a fraudulent scheme. For example, protestant pastors have just been measured to be vastly more skeptical than they were two years ago. Only 25% of Britons consider global warming to be the top #1 environmental issue. Mr Joe Public of the U.S. has deferred Warmageddon, too.

However, there are still lots of brainwashed people - and children - who don't seem to be stopping and who are doing their best to enhance the degree of their fanaticism to Islamic proportions and beyond. I am afraid that many of the kids in that hall will have to be shot as dangerous terrorists in a couple of years. It seems to me that they're dreaming about this way to invest their lives. I urge their parents to spank their offspring really properly, in an attempt to save their lives.

Haha, McKibben just told the kids that they were "not the radicals". The true radicals are those who are "fundamentally" changing the composition of the atmosphere. You know, for example, by contributing 0.2 part per billion of the mankind's efforts that increase the concentration of a harmless (and beneficial) traceless gas in the atmosphere by 2 parts per million every year. This is the true radicalism! ;-)

But radicalism is something else. Radicalism has traditionally been linked to names such as Charles Manson. Charles Manson, a serial killer, has just joined Osama bin Laden, Al Gore, James Hansen, Bill McKibben and other people of the same kind and published a hysterical warning about "global warming". Manson seems vastly less fanatical than McKibben but he has already killed many people, much like another verbally moderate member of the AGW movement, bin Laden.

Via Climate Progress (transcript)

U.S. Supreme Court and CO2

The U.S. Supreme Court seems ready to rule that the federal judges don't have the right to set CO2 emissions limits. Thank God.

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snail feedback (2) :

reader Justin Haaheim said...

You are an irresponsible idiot, and your loud, climate-denying blather is inconsistent with nearly all substantiated scientific thought in the western world. It wouldn't be so bad if people weren't currently dying by the hundreds of thousands from extreme weather, drought and the litany of environmental pollutants the fossil fuel industry is responsible for, but they are. If you were even pretending to be a scientist, you would be obligated to entertain the idea that all of the overwhelming and mutually consistent evidence of the severity of climate change. And if you could still tap into the beating heart somewhere in the cold recesses of your chest, you would be compelled to at least care. Maybe even act. Your active denial is morally reprehensible. Please stop.

reader Luboš Motl said...

I decided to approve the comment above because I found it an amusing concept to show what kind of radicalized brainwashed loons are gathering around these terrorist organizations.

Justin, there doesn't exist a single glimpse of evidence that anything dangerous is taking place or will be taking place in the next century when it comes to climate change - beyond the mundane implications that weather and changing climate has had pretty much on every century in the last 4.5 billion years.

Your idea of science is upside down, too. Science is *exactly* what you claim that science is not. Science is a systematic impersonal process of learning the truth about Nature by analyzing the empirical data using the most comprehensive theoretical methods, while paying no attention whatsoever to widespread superstitions and the opinions of the powerful, whether or not they would agree or disagree with the results of the scientific research.

You have no idea about science or the climate, for that matter, and you are just a blinded gun abused by loads of dishonest and stupid crooks. So I recommend you to return home to your drums and stop the out-of-tune noise about things that you have no chance to ever master, such as those that require a brain in the skull.