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David Suzuki, wife: despair, huddle at night, weep

Tom Nelson, Steven Goddard, Climate Quotes, and others have noticed that David Suzuki and his wife need a help of a psychiatrist and they tried to provide Suzuki with some comfort:
Partner Spotlight: Dr. David Suzuki, co-founder of the David Suzuki Foundation (Tck Tck Tck)
In the interview above, David Suzuki recalls that in 1989, he managed to become the most important man in the famous David Suzuki Foundation :-). He would broadcast radio series called "It's a Matter of Survival." For twenty two years or 12 million minutes, he has been sure that the threat is "urgent" and that the end of the world comes in a minute.

To err once is human, to err twice is accident, to err thrice is coincidence, to err four times is dumb, and to err 12 million times is to be David Suzuki.

The interview recalls lots of crazy things from Suzuki's life but the peak of the interview is reached when the interviewer asks Suzuki how he does it that he doesn't despair, despite the continuous failures of the plans to regulate the climate. The answer suggests Suzuki might be more than just another corrupt crook and liar of Gore's type: he could actually suffer from a classifiable psychiatric disorder:
I do despair. My wife and I huddle at night and weep for our helplessness. We are losing big-time and I’m enough of a scientist to see we are heading right down the tube. Judging by the past twenty years, we are going backward. I understand why people like Jim Lovelock and Clive Hamilton believe it’s too late. But, if one says it’s too late, then I tell them “Please shut up and go away” because it does no good to say it’s too late.
The main thing that you have been losing big-time during the last 20 years is your mind - and there's pretty much nothing left, Mr Suzuki. By the way, in the second part of the paragraph above, Suzuki admits that according to his standards, it's too late - it's because he understands why others are saying so. In fact, the first sentence of the following paragraph says so explicitly:
I think it’s too late to avoid catastrophic climate change, but must we continue to add to it?
So if that's Mr Suzuki's opinion that it's too late to avoid the climate Armageddon, we may send Mr Suzuki a recommendation from a boss of a famous Armageddon foundation: "Please shut up and go away." Would you dare to disagree with a giant of Suzuki's caliber, Mr Suzuki? ;-)
I hope when I’m on my deathbed that my grandchildren will gather around me and I can look them in the eye and tell them “Grandpa did the best he could”, and that’s all anyone can do.
It's interesting that he doesn't worry (and many similar people suffering from the Messiah complex don't worry) that when he's lying on his deathbed, and maybe much earlier than that, his relatives will gather and quietly say that the grandpa has been senile at least from the 1980s and brain dead at least since 1989 - and the rest of his life were just years of constant suffering for grandpa and everything else.

Some Czech politics

By the way, when I mentioned the David Suzuki Foundation, there is a strange development in the Czech government coalition. The junior party in the 3-party coalition, "Public Affairs" (VV), is disintegrating. It's the party which photographed its women in swimming suits.

The outgoing boss of the VV Parliamentary club, Ms Kristýna Kočí (the blonde with glasses), has suddenly revealed that the party was a sect and its spiritual leader, Mr Vít Bárta, has to be stripped of any influence on the public affairs. So far, the spiritual leader has only resigned as the minister of transportation but he still wants to become the official leader of the party. What happened?

Journalists found a pretty incredible text written by the spiritual leader about 3 years ago. It reads like a text written by a little boy who wants to become the world dictator. It's so infantile that another blonde babe who dates Mr Bárta should be tried for pedophilia.

In his plan, Mr Bárta reminds himself that the political power is important for his economic power - he is the owner of a security agency called ABL (yes, an entertainment website for kindergartens!) - so he must not only support the fake, artificially fabricated competitors of his company (...) but also penetrate to the Prague and national politics. In 2011, he has to control the Prague 1 district, in 2012 he must also ad the Prague 5 district by overtaking a coalition with the biggest party, and so on.

So the whole right-wing populist party "Public Affairs" has been created for Mr Bárta, its informal leader and a entrepreneur, to increase his political and economic power. Because his company ABL is a private security agency, increasing its power via politics literally smells of the Italian Mafia. To achieve his goals and enhance his influence, he's been constantly manipulating all other members of VV.

Some of them would get USD 10,000 in the envelope, just for fun (1-2 examples are well documented but there have probably been many other examples). Mr Bárta says that he wanted to help those people with their debt - except that they didn't have any debt. He was screaming at others and telling a third group, such as Ms Kočí, that they have to be grateful. He knew the right tool to manipulate with any of those people.

This is what was happening in a populist party that was nevertheless created in the middle of the Prague "elite". I find it kind of ludicrous and unbelievable that a man similar to Mr Bárta, a prototype of an anti-charismatic average man with almost all weaknesses you may think of, including a castrated voice, would become the subject of a cult - but that's apparently exactly what has happened.

Without Mr Bárta, the party will lack a genuine leader - the formal leader, ex-journalist Mr Radek John, is much less relevant and isn't really sure what he thinks about Mr Bárta today. So the party that wanted to fight corruption etc. - very funny! - has turned into a collection of partly corrupt and partly brainwashed naive simpletons.

It's one of the reasons to think that such "quick political parties" should be expected to be temporary flukes without any underlying quality - something that someone has created for a year or two, he wants to get certain results out of it, and he's ready to escape from the ruins of the party soon afterwards.

Also, I think it's no coincidence that the main program of this party was to fight corruption in politics, and the unreadable mixing of the commercial and public contracts and considerations. This is exactly the discipline in which the "Public Affairs" have become notorious. A thief often wants to catch a thief.

We know such examples in physics, too. Lee Smolin would verbally fight against groupthink, nepotism, closed mafias, manipulation of young researchers by the old and powerful ones, sterile intellectual environment, and so on - but the whole point of his "intellectual corners" is to attract mediocre people who are nevertheless willing to lick his ass (sometimes literally) and write followup footnotes marketed as papers for his crackpot articles. The genuine younger big shots who know what they're doing and who are not ashamed to crisply clarify why all his work is a worthless stream of crackpottery is exactly what this guy is completely scared of - and in his attempt to nurture groupthink and avoid inconvenient truths, he's arguably the worst person in the contemporary broader theoretical physics community.

All those things are so self-evident - whether in the case of the "Public Affairs" or "Lee Smolin". I am just amazed where the stupidity of the people who are ready to buy their bullshit propaganda comes from. The people who believe such things must have some unstoppable biological desire to be manipulated in the most flagrant way. I don't know why. It looks so stupid and incredible to me...

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