Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Gallup in 111 countries: most people don't see a serious AGW threat

Last week, Gallup has released the results of an AGW poll taken in 111 countries:
Fewer Americans, Europeans View Global Warming as a Threat
Only 42% of the people in the world view global warming as a "somewhat serious" or "very serious" threat. In Western Europe and the U.S., this figure has decreased from 2007-2008 by 10 percentage points, to 56% and 53%, respectively.

It's very entertaining to look at the nations where the fear of global warming is most widespread and least widespread.

Somaliland - an unrecognized piece of Somalia whose capital Mogadishu has the annual mean temperature about 27 °C or 80 °F - is the country with the lowest influence of climate fearmongering - only 10% of the people buy that there is a threat.

The Czech Republic is 20 °C cooler in average. So we know that if our temperatures managed to increase by 20 °C, our fears of global warming would still decrease by a factor of three or so. ;-) The percentage of Czechs who have been brainwashed to think that there is a global warming threat is 28% in 2010, down from 39% three years ago. Czechia is the most skeptical country but it is no fluke: for example, the alarmed fraction is just 32% in Denmark.

China is about the 6th least brainwashed country, with 21% of the people endorsing the notion of an AGW threat.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, the country with the highest fears of global warming is Greece - where the "somewhat serious" plus "very serious" figure stands at shocking 87% (see CNSnews or page 2 of the Gallup source above) - which is facing national bankruptcy and a credible risk of conversion of the nation into slaves or pork to pay for their horrendous debt. But the people prefer to be afraid of global warming. ;-)

It surely sounds profoundly ironic, and almost comical, but it is no coincidence. The socialist dynasties of Greece have used global warming as one of the key ideological pillars to spread socialism and irresponsible fiscal policies. The world is gonna end, anyway. So why shouldn't we eat for the money of our fellow German AGW believers? The Greeks have largely been grown in a rabbit hutch that is disconnected from the real world and that is threatened by artificially fabricated threats optimized by the socialist government to a maximum fattening rate.

See Greek PM and General Secretary of the Socialist International George Papandreou (video) who explains, in a very good English (no surprise, he was born in Minnesota and grew up in California), how he turns this global warming "crisis" into an opportunity and socialism. ;-)

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