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NASA: today's launch of AMS delayed by 3 days

Tonight, at 9:47 pm Prague Summer Time i.e. 12:47 pm Californian Daylight Saving Time, the space shuttle Endeavour was scheduled to be launched to bring the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer (AMS) towards the International Space Station where it is going to be attached.

See Vancouver Sun.

However, a a problem with power unit 1 heaters postponed the launch at least by 71 hours.

Little Dr Martina Dobešová is giving the not-so-little mole to the U.S. Ambassador to Czechia.

AMS, a device produced at CERN's labs, will be observing charged cosmic rays which could optimistically shed some light on the composition of dark matter, too. The mission will be led by the little Czechoslovak mole.

It will be the last flight of a space shuttle so let's hope that Endeavour won't join Challenger and Columbia.

The girl in the (Czech) video above is the new chief of NASA. Moreover, her father is the director of a company that produces the moles in space, or whatever he is doing. ;-)

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