Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Steven Chu: climate modelers should fabricate lots of tipping points

A week ago, Steven Chu gave a rather shameful talk at the AAAS:
We're not modeling climate tipping points, said DOE's Chu (Computer World blogs)
Among other things, he urged the climate modelers to incorporate lots of cascading effects and positive feedback loops into the already worthless climate models that are being used by the climate fearmongers as would-be arguments. He said that
climate models that don't include the impact of "tipping points," aren't measuring all the risks posed by climate change.
The commonly used climate models exaggerate the future temperature increases approximately by one order of magnitude but they still don't predict any spectacular "positive feedback loops" and "cascading events" because there won't be any. After all, the climate is mostly governed by negative feedbacks and virtually all processes are self-regulating.

Steven Chu is indisputably a politician - and the boss of one of the most important U.S. scientific grant agencies - and what he is doing is unquestionably an example of political pressure, a forcible rape, by which he wants to distort the results of the research in a particular direction. He has clearly no research of his own that would imply that the number of tipping points is larger than what is described in the literature - or by the models. He is prescribing the "politically desired" outcomes of the research - something that is incompatible with science.

He just wants to distort the research - even more so than it is now. Not surprisingly, his desired direction is to make the models predict even higher risk level than what they predict today - and what they predict today is already exaggerated by an order of magnitude (or several orders of magnitude when it comes to other hypothetical impacts).

Steven Chu should be deeply ashamed because he is placing himself next to the Nazi politicians who have urged the politically correct German scientists of the 1930s to produce "research" that would support eugenics. In their ideological optics, the scientists of their era were not measuring all the risks posed by non-Aryan races.

Needless to say, the European "scientists" are already in the process of fabricating lots of particular "stories". For example, yesterday, The Guardian informed the readers that
Arctic Ocean freshwater will cause 'unpredictable changes on climate'
As the fraction of freshwater increases in the Arctic, something totally spectacular, amazing, mysterious, and unpredictable will happen, the "researchers" argue, and maybe the Gulf Stream will be stopped again. A truly pathetic piece of pseudoscience. The Gulf Stream is ultimately driven by the winds that result from the Earth's spin around its axis and whether some water somewhere is 0.1% denser or less dense is irrelevant.

The belief that some infinitesimal changes of the composition of water in a decoupled region of the world ocean is what determines the behavior of the whole world, including the Gulf Stream, is a postmodern version of astrology.

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