Monday, April 11, 2011

UK press complaint commission defends free speech and James Delingpole

Lawrence Solomon of the Financial Post has brought the happy news to us:

James Delingpole, one of Britain's most articulate and candid climate skeptics, has been defended against the attempts by the University of East Anglia to silence him.

UEA either wanted Delingpole to get quiet or write some good things about the ClimateGate epicenter, i.e. lies. At any rate, they didn't want him to be open about the CRU's continuing efforts to fabricate graphs, delete evidence, and hurt inconvenient people behind their backs.

In their verdict, the commission - using their own vocabulary - acknowledged that climate fearmongering is an extremely controversial subject so it shouldn't be surprising that honest people use some appropriately tough words for liars and crooks similar to those who continue to be shamefully harbored and shielded by the University of East Anglia.

To restrict the vocabulary used to refer to the dirty alarmist jerks and criminals would be equivalent to the suppression of the free speech. The commission has also praised Delingpole for his offer to UEA to express their viewpoint and arguments. They hadn't used the offer because there are no arguments whose conclusions would be favorable for UEA.

Congratulations, James! Congratulations, basic human rights in the United Kingdom!

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