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CBS: Katie Couric replaced by AGW crusader Scott Pelley

Most of us wouldn't count CBS as one of those, well, fair and balanced TV stations. But CBS isn't far from the standardized average and Katie Couric has surely brought a human face to CBS, hasn't she? Look e.g. at this 44-minute interview with Glenn Beck:

However, Katie Couric decided to leave and, possibly, look for a higher-dimensional format of storytelling because she is not one of the crackpots who doubt string/M-theory in 10 or 11 dimensions and 3 (2+1) is really too much smaller than 10 or 11.

What will happen to CBS?

She is going to be replaced by Scott Pelley who recently presented a report on global warming in "60 minutes" in which he completely denied the very existence of global warming skeptics.

CBS News asked him why he did so. He answered that by this point, striving for balance in journalism has become irresponsible because it's equivalent to the invitation of the Holocaust deniers. Well, it's equivalent to inviting a Jew to the newsroom, too. Something that a politically correct macho of Pelley's caliber would never do.

Well, I just found out that the "Holocaust" show occurred in 2006 or so...

Given his being a climate skeptic, Glenn Beck may probably forget about another appearance on CBS. ;-)

Pelley considers Ahmadinejad to be a moral role model. So you can see that the climate deniers are not quite the same as Holocaust deniers for Pelley: Holocaust deniers such as Ahmadinejad are OK. Well, more than OK, they're his idols.

Hat tip: Marc Morano

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