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Climate Progress becomes a directory on a far left website

I want to applaud Joseph Romm. Kind of.

He has abolished the domain and redirected all traffic to a directory hosted by the server called owned by a radical far left political organization, The Center for American Progress.

Because of that change, he had to temporarily delete all the comments that had ever been posted to ClimateProgress.ORG.

It's much better when he admits that what actually drives him are his fanatical political beliefs and that his blog is a propaganda mouthpiece that has nothing whatsoever to do with the scientific evidence and its impartial evaluation - and that can only be read, without existential threats to the personal health, by other radical leftists.

I hope that and others will follow Mr Romm and will finally change the status of their pathetic propagandist blogs to subdirectories on George Soros' personal web page, too. And I hope that Mr Mann will quickly be moved from the Penn State to the State Pen, as Tim Ball has cleverly recommended. ;-)

Just to be sure, Joseph Romm openly admits that he has always been paid by the Center for American Progress to spread all the predetermined lies. So it's likely that the decision to change the URL wasn't made by Romm himself - much like the content of his idiotic rants is probably not determined by himself. It's probably up to his owners.

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