Monday, May 30, 2011

German nuclear suicide: 2022

While the annoyances in Fukushima have only led to one death - which was unrelated to the radiation, a heart attack of an old employee (compare with the 14 deaths so far caused by the Spanish "organic" cucumbers, with dozens of extra environmental consumers on their way out) - the Luddites across the world continue in their irrational and dishonest jihad against nuclear energy. Germany has become an epicenter of this struggle.

Just a year ago, Germany was planning to extend the lifetime of many nuclear power plants. The closure of the power plants built in the years denoted by the red numbers were extended from the white numbers to the yellow numbers.

However, after Fukushima, everything is different. Mass hysteria has affected major political parties as well as a majority of the brainwashed German public. It has been agreed today that all German nuclear power plants will be closed by 2022.

Of course, Germany may survive such an insane decision. It's seen a remarkable 5.2 percent GDP growth between Q1 of 2010 and Q1 of 2011. It can apparently afford to annually pay gazillions of euros to various Greeces, Irelands, Portugals, Spains, and maybe others.

So why it couldn't pay for the extra energy it will have to buy? At this moment, Germany is getting 23 percent of its power from the nuclei. Of course, it's risky to abolish the nuclei because they're what keeps the electrons on their quantum orbits. ;-)

The white nuclear power plants were running during the tsunami in Fukushima while the red ones were stopped right afterwards and the green ones have been closed for some time.

Well, if it is easy for you to buy international stocks, I recommend you to buy some ČEZ stocks, those of the main Czech power utility, which has bold plans to extend its coal power plants as well as the nuclear ones, and to build additional ones in other countries. It's unlikely we will see any comparable plans. Moreover, Germany is likely to suppress not only nuclear energy but also energy based on fossil fuels. At least that's how I understand their top-tier imbeciles who call themselves politicians. ;-)

By the way, it's not really a new decision. Former Mr Gerhard Schröder's socialist government wanted to close nuclear power plants in 2022, too. Merkel has just confirmed that she is a social democrat, too.

Schröder's main contribution to the humanity, The Tax Song. He was years ahead of time. Around 1:13, the Chancellor decided to establish a new "weather tax", among several other taxes. As early as in 2002, it was cold in Germany because God had learned that Schröder wanted to introduce the Wettersteuer (weather tax). Many contemporary politicians such as Australia's Julia Gillard are currently employed as ludicrous parodies of this parody of Mr Schröder and they are trying to make this "weather tax" a reality.

By the way, in the 1990s, while I was in the college, we visited both Isar eins und Isar zwo nuclear power plants near Munich. I was amazed by the smooth running of the facility and by their excellent P.R. There were lots of zoologists collecting bugs around the cooling towers, and so on. It was almost touching ;-) and it's even more touching that these plants will be euthanised just because of people's bigotry.

Today, Mr Jan Rovenský, the General Secretary of Czech Greenpeace for Climate Campaigns against the Energy Industry and the GDP Growth in General, has debated our minister of trade and industry, Mr Martin Kocourek. Rovenský, who was climbing a chimney or something like that just a few hours earlier, is clearly living outside the reality. He suggests that the Czech Republic will totally give up both coal and nuclei.

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  1. The German reaction is totally predictable. The Greens have their first minister president in Baden-Württemberg solely through riding the wave of anti-all-things-nuclear that has engulfed the german populus even more so than in the 80 and 90s. You have to remember the Greens have always been powerful in Germany (at least since Oskar Fischer got into power). And the Germans have always been what you would call , naturverbunden..far more than the brits and french..that's why , apart from Berlin, their largest cities all average around 1 million people or's astonishing that the land of thinkers and poets should also be the land of dimwits and luddites