Sunday, May 29, 2011

How not only Spanish bureaucracy works

Spanish filmmakers have finally shot a documentary movie accurately showing how the bureaucrats operate:

Holy cow, I totally identify myself with the blonde entrepreneur. That's exactly how I approach bureaucratic offices most of the time and the bureaucrats' behavior is exactly what I usually get in return.

My emotions for the bureaucrats and their apologists have often been so intense that I have played this scene of Mafia I about 50 times in my life, imagining that the people whom I "interact" with are state employees, the kind of creatures who support - for obvious reasons - the expansion of the government and pseudo-government bodies whose main purpose is to make living for similar folks who are "working" on similar things. The kind of people who constantly harass those who actually pay for their living.

Whenever I played the game, I was loving the people. I was mostly loving them with the Thompson 1928 submachine gun whenever it was available. Needless to say, if Al Qaeda had chosen the headquarters of IRS, INS, or one of numerous other criminal organizations that have been treating me in a similar way as the Gentlemen in the video, I wouldn't object to Al Qaeda's act for a second.

Thanks to Jiří Wagner

Bio-cucumbers kill in Germany

When we talk about Spain, there have been 7 deaths and 1,000 hospitalizations in Germany caused by the deadly O104 serotype of Escherichia coli (E coli). It's been quickly found that the germ comes out of cucumbers.

But they're not ordinary cucumbers. They're Spanish cucumbers. But they're not ordinary Spanish cucumbers. They're organic cucumbers - we call them bio-cucumbers - for salads. 100 pieces of them were also sold by Country Life Co., a company promoting healthy life style :-), in the Czech Republic.

The message is that if you want to eat literally shit, destroy your kidneys, and die, eat organic food. If you want to suffer from plague and the same other nasty diseases as our ancestors in the Middle Ages, eat the same unrefined medieval food. In the modern language, the medieval food is called organic food.

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