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Micronesia escalates sea level lawsuits against a faraway power plant

As I wrote in December 2009, January 2010, and March 2010, the chieftains of Micronesia decided to start lawsuits against the Czech coal power plant in Prunéřov because, according to the wildest predictions, this facility may contribute up to whopping 42 micrometers to the sea level rise in the next 50 years. Eco Tretas summarized some graphs indicating that the sea level in the region isn't measurably changing at all.

The executive board of the Micronesian Academy of Sciences, the image was removed

This insanity, predicted in "The State of Fear" by Michael Crichton, was started by my childhood friend Mr Jan Rovenský who suffered from a severe brain damage a few years later and who became a top Czech Greenpeace apparatchik. His organization has sent letters to all top politicians in island countries of the world, attempting to undermine the Czech industry. They expected to receive no answers. However, Micronesia did say Yes and things began to get out of control.

Well, it's also possible that Mr Jan Rovenský has simply read the "The State of Fear" and he said "Why not", so Crichton's contribution wasn't just a prophesy - it was an actual guide for the terrorists. ;-)

In early 2010, the green Czech minister of environment named Mr John Nitrogen (Jan Dusík in Czech) resigned because his plan was actually to join Greenpeace and the Micronesian bosses - but he found out that the rest of the government considered him to be insane. He was replaced by Ms Rut Bízková who has enough technical education to know that the contemporary environmentalism is a pile of garbage. Both environment ministers who followed her after the latest elections may be classified as climate skeptics. In April 2011, the expansion of the power plant got a green light.

However, things didn't stop at the global level.

Columbia University, one of America's most notorious training camps for Marxists and other left-wing radicals (recall James Hansen; liquidation of the talk by a guy from Minute Man; Peter Shmoit; and similar scary beacons of combative leftist terrorism associated with the place), is just organizing a conference about Threatened Island Nations between Monday May 23rd and Wednesday May 25th (today).

Coal power plant Prunéřov

Needless to say, the multi-dimensional lawsuit against the expansion of the Czech power plant is the most spectacular part of this otherwise forgettable gathering. Greenpeace boasts in an article with an excited title,
Threatened Pacific Island Nation makes legal history by challenging European carbon emitter
Nice, indeed. Of course, this press release was copied at various other places. See also reports in Mother Jones, UPI, and Mongabay. The Telegraph (reprinted in Montreal Gazette) fortunately doesn't fail to notice that the allegedly "harmful" power plant is located 7,000 miles from the archipelago. But don't expect Ms Bonnie Malkin to be too sensible: she thinks that the lawsuit is a David vs Goliath battle.

Oh, really? She has probably failed to notice that the "David" is being supported by an overwhelming majority of corrupt and idiotic politicians in most of the Western countries today, not to speak about the Marxists who have overtook various formerly scientific institutions, the media including the self-described right-wing ones, and many other things.

I am amazed by this breathtaking opportunism, hypocrisy, and double face of the defenders of the climate insanity. Sometimes, they would say that everyone agrees, they're very powerful, and the sensible people who know that there's no climate crisis have become a negligible fringe minority. But just a minute later, when they find it more convenient, they describe the green lobby as a "David" who fights against a "Goliath". You can't have it both ways, can you?

At any rate, this David or Al or whatever this pathological creature is should be finally kicked into his buttocks so that it decays into many fragments.

Bonus: Iraq is rebuilding jets

If you want 20 of these smooth and melodic L-159 Advanced Light Combat Aircraft (ALCA) from Aero Vodochody Co. - that couldn't have been sold for some time - you will have to speed up right now. The Iraqi government has vowed to buy these excess aircraft from the Czech military so that it could show its teeth to any Socialist Republic of Obamaland (SRO - funny, s.r.o. means LLC or Ltd. in Czech) that would dare to attack Iraq again. ;-)

Funny comments about Obama notwithstanding, the Czech politicians actually want Obama to help to secure the deal. I am not quite sure why exactly Obama is needed for such a thing. ;-)

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