Friday, May 13, 2011

Movie: Antonio Banderas looks for the Higgs boson

"The Big Bang", a 2011 movie, is coming to the U.S. movie theaters today.

See Wikipedia, review in The New York Times, IMDB, and Google News.

Spoiler alert: don't read the text below

The plot makes a lot of sense. Antonio Banderas is a private detective who is hired by a Russian boxer and criminal to find his missing girlfriend, a stripper called Lexie who is also carbon-enhanced by $30 million in diamonds. He chooses the most sensible strategy to solve this puzzle: he must first find the Higgs boson.

The film directors have also understood what billions of viewers in the world are actually aroused by. During some boring and unexciting portions of the film, e.g. sex, the characters are made to discuss physics of neutrons which makes it much more thrilling.

Fine. So how does he find the Higgs boson? He must locate the most sensible place where the God particle may be produced by high-energy collisions. Where is the place? Obviously, it's in the basement owned by a billionaire who has built a private superconducting collider under his villa in the New Mexico desert. He employs a physicist who knows all about particle physics and spiritism.

See the key scene at IO9 where Banderas visits the haunted house with the superconducting supercollider and they just sketch the ideal channels where the cross section for the Higgs boson production could be high enough while they estimate the lifetime of the scalar particle. By the way, a nice by-product of the calculation is that the rich guy also plans to recreate the Big Bang and end the world as we know it. :-)

One thing to appreciate about the $17 million noir flick is the degree of realism. Finally, a movie has faithfully described the world of real private detectives whose actual methodology is based on the search for the mechanisms of the electroweak symmetry breaking. Based on the generally low rating, it seems that the critics have also understood that it's about particle physics.

Chemistry and Precalculus: new Wolfram Alpha iOS apps

See Wolfram Alpha blog to see what these two apps may do for your or your kids' courses at school. They're pretty clever apps.

Spice videos in Osama's collection

A large collection of modern porn videos was found in Osama bin Laden's villa.

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Sweden were the stronger team during the semifinals and they became the first team in the world that managed to beat Czechia, so they will play the final match.

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