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New IMF headquarters

I have a message from the boss to all the world financiers and politicians who read TRF. The International Monetary Fund has relocated its headquarters to a neat island in New York:

See more videos about the facility.

Out of the 14,000 inmates (maximum capacity is 17,000), 92% are black or Hispanic and 90% have not graduated high school. A nice place.

Dominique Strauss-Kahn has graduated high school but he decided to relocate after an unpleasant experience in a hotel near the Times Square. It turned out that a 32-year-old 6-feet-tall :-) black maid called Ms Nafissatou Diallo wasn't included in the USD 3,000 fee for one night.

Moreover, he wasn't in the hotel at all - instead, he was having a dinner with his daughter and his cell phone has quantum tunneled to the hotel room. But the chief of the IMF fund doesn't really need a cell phone so he simply left the restaurant for the airport.

Well, more seriously, I can't be any certain whether he is innocent. My guess is that he is not; given some known data, his alibi sounds awkward, indeed. If the DNA tests have indeed shown that pieces of his p*nis ended on the Guinean maid's lips and an*s, it sounds more convincing a piece of evidence by a few orders of magnitude.

And there may have been other cases in which he was not innocent. Of course, if he is proven guilty, he should spend some time in a prison, and of course, it's a good news that a top socialist leader of a big country and the leading 2012 presidential candidate in the same country - the kind of guys who can get away with anything - may be punished like that.

About this large...

Still, I think that 15-20 years for an act that hasn't really substantially hurt anyone is excessive. This isn't really equivalent to a murder, is it? I think that some other activities of the IMF have been much more hurtful. According to the Czech president's speech in October 2010, the IMF is a barbaric relic of the Keynesian era that should be abolished as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, it's not difficult for the French leftists to replace Strauss-Kahn by a morally cleaner person. For example, Daniel Cohn-Bendit, a co-chairman of a leftist group in the European Parliament, is just a pedophile. ;-)

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