Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Why Frank Wilczek likes SUSY

Matthew Tamsett of the U.S. LHC writes about Frank Wilczek's recent talk in Texas that focused on supersymmetry.

If you have 80 spare minutes, here is a similar talk he gave a year ago - his J. Robert Oppenheimer lecture at UC Berkeley:

Based on Anticipating a New Golden Age (hep-ph).

The speaker comes to the podium around 11:00 and talks about the LHC and the Standard Model. By the way, the name of the Standard Model is "ridiculously modest". It should be called the Super Duper Heavenly Orgasmic Quantitative Holy Scripture by Wilczek and Friends. ;-)

Around 54:30, he switches to the topic of supersymmetry. Gauge coupling unification is his preferred argument for SUSY. The lecture is filled with animations, raps, and similar stuff. ;-)

In other supersymmetric news, Symmetry Breaking Magazine promotes a new method by Alves, Izaguirre, and Wacker to look for SUSY in the collider data.

They proposed a simple phenomenological method to search through various corners, including unexpected ones, and experimenters became fond of their method.

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