Sunday, June 19, 2011

Greenpeace in our time

Christopher Booker invented an excellent title for his article - Greenpeace in Our Time. It is a variation of Peace in Our Time, a speech given by Neville Chamberlain in which he boasted that he had betrayed his Czechoslovak allies and Herr Hitler was his new best friend. Together, these two guys would guarantee peace for decades.

It turns out that Pachauri also wrote a preface for the Greenpeace document that was renamed as the IPCC document. Pachauri rejected any kind of policy against the conflict of interests for the 5th report: no surprise, the whole work of the IPCC and Pachauri himself is all about the conflict of interests.

Greenpeace, hydrodam bosses control IPCC WG3

Some of the media have surprisingly publicized the findings by Mark Lynas, a well-known environmentalist and a crusader against global warming, who has looked at the latest and final version of the IPCC Fourth Assessment Report Working Group III report that was released a few days ago. (Well, Lynas probably learned it from Steve McIntyre but assigning credit to the right people would be too much to ask for from the media.)

Picture from Jo Nova's blog.

He found out who the lead authors were - something that apparently wasn't known so far. Chapter 10 of the document above says that by 2050, the world may be getting 77 percent of the energy from renewable sources (wind, solar: nuclear energy is not counted because Greenpeace hates it - which will matter, as we will see). That would mean to multiply the subsidies (and area of land that is occupied) by a factor of more than 10 but let me not talk about the unlikely content here.

What's interesting is that this statement was copied from a booklet of Greenpeace. And who copied it? Well, in this case, it was copied by a Greenpeace official himself. Dr Sven Teske, the boss of Greenpeace International for alternative energy, became a lead IPCC author and copied this piece of bullshit from Greenpeace booklets to the IPCC report and he peer-reviewed it himself.

That doesn't mean that Greenpeace has fully controlled the creation of Chapter 10 of the WG3 document. Quite on the contrary. There were 9 lead authors and most of them were representatives of hydroenergy industry! ;-) So those 77 percent are supposed to mostly come from the new dams. That's despite the fact that dams are known to produce lots of methane whose CO2 equivalent is at least comparable to that of the fossil fuels.

You know, if even bias crazy anti-global-warming activists such as Mark Lynas get upset about the flagrant clash of interests and unscientific character of the work of the IPCC (activists and consultants of hydro industry are not quite impartial scientists, you know) and if they insist that these methods have to stop, shouldn't the politicians who have the capacity to do something about the IPCC - e.g. abolish it - also start to take notice?

Jo Nova and others ask whether the IPCC folks are really this stupid. Well, they surely are stupid as well but this Greenpeacegate just reflects the internal culture of the IPCC. I am convinced that in their internal dialogs, they are not hiding for a second that they're fighting to make the Greenpeace's dreams come true and make various green industry folks wealthier along the way. What really matters is how many powerful enough people around the IPCC still realize that this is unacceptable. Mark Lynas has been a pleasant surprise in this respect.

Ray Pierrehumbert, a real climate scientist

Ray Pierrehumbert (picture above) who became the model for a famous Czech cartoon character, Rumcajs the Robber, disagree with Lynas. He believes that all such problems have to be overlooked.

Dog sentenced to death by stoning

There are things similar to the IPCC across the world. As Shawn H. pointed out, via BBC:

This is not a dog. It's a reincarnated secular lawyer who insulted Judaist judges before he died 20 years ago. The rabbis cursed the infidel and ordered him to reincarnate into a dog. Now they finally managed to find the dog that contains the secular lawyer's soul and they sentenced the dog to death by stoning, too.

I hope that they will order the dog to get reincarnated e.g. into Rajendra Pachauri this time. Rabbi buddies, isn't it suspicious that Pachauri also realizes that reincarnation is true? ;-)


  1. It's worse than you think. Not only is Teske a Greenpeace employee and advocate but he is founder and board member of Greenpeace Energy, which last year turned over 79 million Euros supplying over 100,000 customers with 'renewable' energy, almost all hydropower. The conflicts of interest and vested interests in AR4 WGIII are staggering. Also, don't forget that AR4 quotes from a Greenpeace propaganda report compiled in large part by Teske, and for which he co-authored the Foreword with the president of the industry body promoting photovoltaic energy. Of course, it is packed full with lies and propaganda about PV.

  2. Your changing climate is brought to you by ExxonMobil and Greenpeace. ExxonMobil and Greenpeace, towards a warmer future.

    Seriously. If the Greenpeace people agree that climate change is a serious issue, the obvious alternative to fossil fuels in nuclear power. Their unwillingness to consider nuclear power leaves them with unworkable renewables schemes and pretending that efficiency will cut more and more from power use.

    Their biggest problem is that they don't know how to analyse costs. If they're not going to take it seriously, they shouldn't be surprised when no one takes them seriously.

  3. Josh done me a cool  T- shirt with his pricelesS 'Greenpeace in our time' cartoon.
    Now I'm thinking of getting more done, to give to all my environmentalist friends.

    It's great how that image can be read both ways.   On the face of it supporting an Eco friendly world, which I'm all in favour off btw. , but with the  underlying message that only those with a deeper historical perspective will 

    I don't know where Josh gets his talent from , but I think this piece is worthy of even that great Czech tradition, for cartooning under oppression.   
    Indeed it's frightening to think, that in the Czechoslovakia of those times , one would have been  thrown in jail for less than this.