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Is Iran two months away from a nuclear bomb?

Iran is going to install centrifuges into its heavily fortified Fordo facility inside the mountains near Qom, it announced today.

The ultimate purpose of this move is to triple the enrichment capacity. They also say that they could eventually abolish the Natanz side which doesn't have to be the case.

Meanwhile, the U.N. nuclear watchdog agency believes that the country is working on a bomb. The project is almost complete, IAEA suggests. The statement seems to be in a remarkable agreement with the RAND corporation, a think tank, that claims that Iran may be 8 weeks away from the nuclear bomb.

Those guesses may and may not be true. It may be counterproductive and unethical to attack Iran if she doesn't deserve it. And on the contrary, it could be much more troublesome not to attack Iran if she is actually completing the bomb. It's questionable whether it's too late already.

Would it be difficult to neutralize the Fordo facility by a nuclear strike and, if it is not enough, by an H-bomb? If the information about the location of the key facilities were safe enough, the facilities could be the only thing that matters. In principle, the Iranian people and officials could be informed about the neutralization of those places in advance so that everyone can relocate and there would have to be no casualties at all. ;-)

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snail feedback (2) :

reader Kamil said...

Iran don't even have enritched uranium for its own nuklear plant, they imported it from Tukrey.

reader opit said...

Take a look at who funds the IAEA of late....the USA. With el Bahredi aside, the reports have changed a lot.
You are familiar enough with the AGW 'frame'. I ran into a stashed file at laRouche that started me looking into the details of that only when I started investigating why it seemed that no matter what Iran did, any effort was futile, stymied and misrepresented.
This is quite a ride. Make of it what you will.
Note in the left column :
Nuclear Detonation Timeline 1945-1998
Toxic RadioActive Proliferator
Nuclear Iran a Falsehood
Campaign Against Sanctions and Military Interventions in Iran
In you will now recognize
The NPT and the Nuclear Power TRAP
Sometime about now you might find the context in the posts noted in 'Climate in Contention' where Dec 4 2009 I outlined the laRouche cache and around Dec 20 in Afghanistan,etc. I applied it to geopolitics...a.k..'war' or 'Foreign Policy' : it makes more sense as foe-reign policy :)
Now the files in Perception Alteration start to make sense : the UK and USA control the media to confuse people as to the real nature of their activity.
I have blogged much more on this : but this is a healthy taste to give you some idea whether I am a nut...or just paying attention.
In any case,a basic familiarity with the Third Pillar of the NPT is recommended.
And for sheer deviltry : play a couple of the YouTube interviews of Ahmadinejad re: the Holocaust where the interviewer does an excellent job of turning a note on the irrelevance of European Jews' suffering in WW II to recapitulating the same onto Palestinians ( who were once Jordainians/Syrians ) by the often labeled Zionist state. But that's another ball of wax,as is the interesting specification that one should not study what happened under pain of demonization as a racist/bigot.
For the truth of that I refer you to Desmond Tutu's note that Israeli apartheid is worse than it was in South Africa.

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