Monday, June 13, 2011

Italy abandons nuclear energy

A two-day referendum in Italy has just ended. Silvio Berlusconi has encouraged people not to vote.

Italy has its Greenpeace whackos, too

The referendum will be valid because almost 60 percent of the voters participated. They were asked to answer four questions. About 94% of the voters mindlessly said Yes to all of them. All the "Yes" answers mean "scr*w Berlusconi". One of them also scr*ws nuclear energy as a side-effect.

Italy stopped being a nuclear country in 1987, one year after the Chernobyl tragedy. It hasn't built anything for decades. Last year, strong nuclear proponent Berlusconi codified a plan to revive nuclear energy in Italy. Those plans seem to be dead in the wake of the referendum.

Poor Silvio will have to rely on biological sources of renewable energy again...

Well, I am not surprised. The recent news about their trial against seismologists who couldn't save lives by predicting an earthquake and who may spend 12 years in prison for their not being supernatural witches has reinforced my so-far subleading impression that Italians are weird emotional Southern savages so it would be shocking if they endorsed nuclear energy or any other marginally controversial achievement of modern science and technology, for that matter.

I guess that Fermi had to be an extraterrestrial alien. ;-)

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