Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tornado CO2 propaganda

Warning: the video below is amazingly offensive.

It still got 95% of upvotes among the 1,000 votes from 50,000 viewers. An op-ed by Bill McKibben is being read and illustrated by a Stephen Thomson of Plomomedia.com.

Just imagine how hopeless psychopaths those viewers have to be to upvote this propagandistic garbage. It's just stunning.

There are tens of thousands of "types" of interesting or "extreme" or "rare" weather events that could occur at various places of the globe. If one estimates 2,000 of their types (those that are "noteworthy enough") - specified by "what's going on" and "which region of the world is affected" - it's totally obvious that roughly 2,000/100 = 20 of them will set "new records" every year simply because the record books only go back 100 years or so and statistics guarantees that new records have to be set. If you have 100 numbers, the probability that the last one is the largest one is 1/100 which is large enough to set many new records in many things every year.

What's important is that if you avoid this insane hype about every interesting weather event and look at all possible weather events statistically, there is not a glimpse of a significant trend. The number of tornadoes is not increasing. The number of hurricanes is not increasing. The same thing applies to floods, typhoons, droughts, and all other local phenomena of this kind. Those people won't ever admit that everything they have said in the previous years about entering an era without snow in winter, entering an era with Katrinas every year, and so on, and so on, have been pure, shitty, and malicious lies. They don't care. They don't want to care. They're immoral scum.

How stupid a person has to be if she is brainwashed by this totally idiotic emotional gibberish that is based on nothing else than lies and irrational fears. Not a single portion of the data justifies the alarm. Not a single of those local weather phenomena can be linked to CO2 emissions in any scientific way. CO2 may have contributed tenths of a degree to the increase of the global mean temperature - but it hasn't changed and cannot changed anything significant about the character of the local weather.

Individuals helping to promote this alarmist garbage are the enemies of the mankind, enemies of the truth, enemies of the civilization, enemies of science, enemies of progress, and enemies of the Earth. What I hate about them is that they are so hopeless. There doesn't seem to be an infinitesimal hope that these people could ever start to think rationally and honestly. What they want to do is to repeat their offensive lies frequently enough so that tons of amazingly stupid gullible people will eventually buy it, much like many Germans bought that all their problems were due to Jews - or any other equally disgusting propaganda that we know from the history textbooks.

Any discussion that fails to eliminate these nasty chronic liars and McKibbens is guaranteed to be hopeless. A sensible discussion with them is impossible. They can only be dealt with from the position of power.


  1. Dear Lubos, While I am in agreement with you on the credibility of the video shot, I think that you have some of your conclusions wrong. The video shot is very well made targeting at a large audience, playing very well the visuals of disasters and touching the strings of envy (profits of fossil fuel companies) and dissatisfaction with politics. You have to admit it is a masterpiece difficult to resist by the majority of population. Therefore you cannot call the viewers who get convinced by it the idiots. Such conclusion is all: untrue, arrogant and pointless. You have to admit that majority will never be intellectually on the level to be able to draw rational conclusions and reject the movie. If that was true, the world would be really a heaven. But it is not. It is a battleground!
    The video shot is a weapon of the heaviest caliber shot against your side of the war. If you want to fight back, you have to start firing the same weapons. Why not to make a video shot that shows strong visuals of all the damages caused by the green business lobby? The bio-fuels that make prices of food going through the roof making many people die by hunger, carbon treaties that have no impact while damaging economies and causing the people loosing their jobs, photovoltaic power plants being build at places with no sun, biofuels produced in the US carried to Europe over the ocean, profits of green businesses comparable to oil companies, but drawn directly from taxes... There is a big gun on this side of the battleground that nobody is using... You've got to do it if you want to win! Saying to people that they are idiots just won't do any good. Cheers,
    --Vit Libal

  2. ginandtonixyc - you are so right on.

    I agree, how do you argue with that sort of video. There was a great show on last night in Australia called Lawrence Leung's Unbelievable - Last night he did psychics and fortune tellers. It was brilliant. There was one woman who performed a reading on him and got a whole lot of stuff correct. Then she admitted she was a fraud. She explained that it was all about "Confirmation Bias". If I already suspect something then you only have to provide me with a few examples and I will believe.

    The argument here, IMHO, is to break the link between Climate Change and Carbon Dioxide (Carbon Pollution in Australia). Even though everything in that video shows potential "evidence" of climate change, no where is any evidence presented to link it to Carbon Dioxide. The only thing is that "Scientists" have warned for years. Which scientists? Where is their evidence? I've never seen any convincing data to link carbon dioxide to global warming.