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Al Gore will choose his reality on September 14th

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In 2008, Al Gore misappropriated 300 million dollars in an attempt to brainwash the population and spread his delusions about a "climate crisis". He has paid lots of people - including corrupt politicians such as Nancy Pelosi and Newt Gingrich - to act as pimps and say any nonsense Gore wanted them to say.

He has also established an al-Climate training camp and trained 2,000 little Al Gores who have memorized his 2005 PowerPoint presentation which is a sequence of emotional outbursts and scientific misconceptions and misinformation. Imagine: two thousand self-evidently brainwashed (and openly confessed) hired guns who can only say the same rubbish as Al Gore and moreover, they're less (in)famous than Al Gore. That's not exactly a way to change the world.

The result is that the number of Americans who believe the theory that CO2 is warming the Earth has dropped from 71 percent in 2007 to 44 percent in 2011:
Poll: Most see disasters, few climate turn (UPI)
Thank God, almost one half of the alarmists have evaporated during the recent four years but we're still not close to zero (the safe levels) so Al Gore is going to waste and throw some extra money to the trash bin. His new activity is called
The Climate Reality Project (the website may damage your PC).
If you boldly click at the link above, you will see what the main idea is. The main idea is the for 24 hours, on September 14th, people will be encouraged to try Al Gore's own personal method to understand the world around them. His method is to
The good news brought to you by Al Gore is that you may choose your own reality! Al Gore has chosen a reality in which the cataclysm is coming soon. Helpfully enough, he has a counter on the main page of his website. 63 days are left. A few years ago, a skeptic created a Gore doomsday countdown to make fun out of Gore's prophesy about the end of the world (4 years are left). But it was clearly an unnecessary work: Al Gore is always ready to pay for his own parodies out of "his" money! ;-)

The video sounds like another parody but I assure you it is the real Al Gore who is speaking. As he tells us, at least for those 24 hours, climate alarmists will create their own virtual reality - something that the fossil fuel industry can't do for their money, Gore tells us. Gore has already created his reality when he plagiarized the computer-generated ice shelves from the Day After Tomorrow in his "scientific documentary". ;-)

What can happen during one such day, Gore asks? A street may become a river: the earthquake in Japan was caused by SUV, Gore thinks. Several other events he enumerates indicate that Al Gore plans to steal Michael Crichton's idea from "State of Fear" and produce lots of disasters in the world on September 14th that will be blamed on carbon dioxide. He may be planning to explode an H-bomb in order to liquidate Los Angeles by tsunami, or something like that.

So I wish Al Gore and his soulmates to enjoy their 24 hours of their personalized reality. If they were properly treated by doctors, they could enjoy their personalized reality 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Christopher Columbus would be constantly sailing to their room through the water pipelines - and not just on September 14th but on every day! It would be cheaper and more convenient a way for them to create their own personalized reality - and it wouldn't annoy those of us who are still able to notice that there is absolutely nothing unusual about the climate in recent decades.

During the "24 hours of reality", Al Gore also plans to "reveal the deniers". That's not such a hard thing to do. I am completely revealed. Here I am! The difficult part, Al, isn't the task to reveal the deniers. The difficult part is to show that you're as right as they are. And this task may only be realized if you become a denier yourself.

Interestingly enough, Al Gore also says that "climate change is not your fault". It is "our problem" - he probably means himself and the leaders of the new green world government who will save your soul.

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reader Jason Bresnehan said...

i love this sentence "If they were properly treated by doctors, they could enjoy their personalized reality 24 hours a day, 7 days a week"

reader Anonymous said...

Belief in AGW go bye bye.

reader madadadam said...

I see that comments got deleted & disabled on this video.
Getting too many jokes about "Tipper Points" and needing money since his carbon trading Ponzi schemes collapsed, leaving him with insufficient money to fuel his Lear Jet?

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