Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Cloud Mystery

Henrik Svensmark on climate change

If you have 53 spare minutes and you haven't seen the 2007 Danish documentary (in English) yet, here it is:

You will see Svensmark, his collaborators, Shaviv, Veizer, and many others in this documentary about cosmoclimatology.

It's called "Klimamysteriet" in Danish.

It may be useful to get back into gears right now. Spencer and Braswell have just published another interesting article on the clouds; the Real Climate thugs attacked it, claiming that clouds don't affect weather systems, only the governments and their failure to act do.

See e.g. Spencer's blog for more details and new events.

Too bad that the Real Climate's understanding of the clouds didn't work in Czechia in July 2011 - it's been a cold and rainy autumn month, despite the name.

Also, we're expecting the results of the CLOUD experiment that was designed to independently verify Svensmark's claims about the local physics phenomena; he has already confirmed some of the basic tenets in his Danish laboratories but this is the case in which I view replication - with some more details - as a helpful thing.

Unless CERN's director general has gagged killed the EUR 9 million experiment altogether, we should hear about its final results pretty soon.


  1. so sorry but i have plenty of time

    Westward propagating anomalies at 268N wind and stormy with heavy oceanic rains in the mediterranean climatic zone

    in August...well a fluke...nein?

    like the dead prairie land in Texas

    and the million of calf's that going down this month....

    or the super (double this year for now) dust bowl in Phoenix

    Russian summer is mild this year
    only 30,000 acres burning

    peanuts...a nice year

    the video aw...full or empty?

  2. oh and the title is


    and the translation

    klima for cloud....

    is horst than grabën

    verstande sië?


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