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EU subsidizes private jets for everyone

PC World and many others bring us some great news about the future methods of transportation.

Cars have become obsolete and they consume too much energy. So the EU has started an official EU project

MyCopter.EU: Enabling Technologies for Personal Aerial Transportation Systems.
The purpose of the project is to reduce the transportation by cars and the traffic jams on the roads and to transform every European citizen, especially the women, children, minorities, and the elderly, to pilots of personal helicopters. The gadgets will cost $250,000 - it's a small price for many TRF readers - and they are pretty:

You may object that private airplanes will consume even more energy and you're right. A helicopter consumes 40 liters of fuel per hour and must be technically checked after each 100 hours. But the authors of the project have thought about this complaint, too. The helicopters will ultimately be canceled as well. They will be replaced by personal space shuttles and Kennedy Centers in each households.

A faster transportation in between two different place of the globe will be enhanced by tunnels through the Earth that will be built for each family.

Finally something technologically exciting although not necessarily too realistic. The project is being funded and supported by several European technological institutes and universities although it's being said that only $6 million has been paid for this research so far - so don't expect to buy a copy in this month yet. Maybe the next month. :-)

An important task many people are asked to solve is apparently a system to avoid the collisions of these devices and the key person is from an institute of "biological cybernetics".

Click either picture to zoom in.

Two flying cars are already seeking "road" approval.

Another topic: a surprising failure of the second annual Gaza flotilla

One year ago, the world media and the "momentum seeking public" was supporting the idiots who came to break the Israeli blockade of Hamas in Gaza. It was so hot and cool to support it!

"Guns Guns Guns" by the Audacity of Dopes Band. The original is "Fun Fun Fun" by Beach Boys from the 1960s.

Now, in 2011, the communists and terrorists did pretty much the same thing as in 2010 so they could have expected a repetition of their success. But suddenly no one cares! Many movies may shoot a followup which also becomes successful but it didn't work here.

The other countries suddenly didn't want to allow the ships to arrive to the dangerous place and even the ship that did was viewed as a gang of pathetic losers and not covered by the media.

What has changed? Why is the attitude of the world to the Gaza Flotilla so much more reasonable in 2011? Could it have been predicted?

Well, I think that the people who promoted the provocation a year ago may have understood what's going on! Many of us need a few seconds to see through such cheap stunts - but if those 2010 fans of the Gaza Flotilla have understood our points by now, they are at most 8 orders of magnitude slower than we are! ;-)

And such an upper bound on the people's stupidity is a source of an immense optimism, at least for your humble correspondent.

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reader Kamil said...

Flying vehicles for people, sounds crazy to me, when oil price is rising and other hydrocarbons too. Wanna go on bateries?

As for palestine I thing every terrorist has a right to defend himself, because he is also human.
Israel is the superior power in the Middle east and it is acting violently. Let's see the numbers of dead and injured in the last 10 years in Israel. I bet there are much more palestinian casualties. In my view the palestinians are defending their land from the Jew invadlers building fortified settlements.
I recommend to watch:

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